1 Easy SEO Strategy To Get More Visitors To Your Website From Google


1 Easy SEO Strategy To Get More Visitors To Your Website From Google

Did you realize that you can dramatically increase the number of visitors that come to your website on a every day basis from Google? And it is not constantly improving your position in Google lookup engine result webpages(SERPs) for your aggressive key phrases which can take some time after working in your search engine marketing campaigns.

I take this example from Google because I’ve experienced it some time back now. Apart concentrating on getting and maintaining a top ten ranking in Google, you will find lots of easy traffic sources that you haven’t exploited yet. We are still talking about search engine traffic right here.

What’s that strategy you ask? The answer might surprise you but it is a method that works & is pretty legitimate. It is not creating stand alone or doorway pages with practically no content, overly optimized with key phrases & a link back to the homepage. Doorway pages work but only if you know how to do it nicely. & this article will talk a bit about this topic as well.

The strategy would be to lookup for overlooked key phrase phrases which aren’t too competitive and create effective doorway pages related to these key phrase phrases. These webpages can be promoting a product for instance.

Just by including a couple of efficient doorway pages, I managed to make 9 sales in just a few short weeks and earned $ 364.59.

Imagine you come up with a number of keyword phrases that generate a couple of monthly searches, you now have several pages. So each page targeting a specific keyword phrase is worth traffic & not any type of traffic but it will be targeted.

So if you have 1 page which brings you only one visitor daily & you have 50 pages, you are able to effortlessly receive 50 visitors per day for totally free. You see the potential now.

Keywords that have about 1000 searches on Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions previously referred to as Overture at http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion are valuable key phrases with lower competition.

If you are utilizing Wordtracker at http://www.wordtracker.com, a keyword with only 10 searches daily can get you a great ranking and bring you traffic.

For those who have already a web site which is generating traffic, you can dramatically improve your numbers, simply by including relevant doorway pages targeting a particular key phrase. These pages have content and have your optimized navigation menu on it with their specific keyword phrases. These webpages are just an entry to your site nothing more nothing less.

They should not be overly optimized with key phrases but they must have some optimized content that is readable by your visitors & friendly for the search engines as well.

If you have a great website that is crawled by Google’s robot called “Googlebot” often, your new webpages will get spidered and indexed fast and will start bringing you little loads of targeted traffic.

But be careful when adding webpages, don’t go in a frenzy with this & add hundreds or even thousands of pages all of a sudden. For eg. if your website has 50 pages currently indexed in Google & ranking well and also you add 100 new webpages at once, your indexed pages might suffer a temporary drop in rankings. The key right here is to add pages on a normal basis say 1 or 2 webpages daily until you reach the total number of webpages to be added.

Why not capitalize on this free source of traffic? The key would be to study your keywords well first, work in your content & produce these pages afterwards.

Your web site will grow bigger and bigger with time & it will attract loads of targeted traffic from multiple keyword phrases.

Good luck & happy research & optimizing.

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