3 Top Alternatives To Google Adsense Program


3 Top Alternatives To Google Adsense Program

We are always looking out for easy ways of money making. It was least surprising to see Google adsense become the talk of the town when it was first launched. People thought it was a wonderful way to make money with Google and soon made an enthusiastic entry into the arena of money making at home. This was very short lived since they soon realized that there were stringent rules that they had to comply with.

Due to such strict rules, many people even managed to get their Google adsense accounts banned, sometimes for reasons that were out of their control. Consequently, these individuals in tandem with others are actively looking for adsense alternatives that can help in generating money from their respective sites. Listed below are some of the popular adsense alternatives that many individuals would prefer.

What is the first option?

The first alternative that comes close to Google adsense is Clicksor. People call it the best alternative to Google adsense simply because they give you assurance of a steady income every month, thanks to the high cost per click that works well for you!

A big advantage with Clicksor is that the advertisements there are context sensitive. Hence, you just need to provide the program with a set of keywords that can be connected to the advertisement and the displayed ads will be in agreement to the content of your website.

What should be your next option?

If customizing ads is your preference, then Bidvertiser is going to appeal to you. You can give the ad the look and feel you think is right so it blends with the website you want to place it in.

The program provides you with controls pertaining to the dimensions of the program. In terms of payments to the individual, Bidvertiser provides a payout up to $ 10 or more through PayPal and anything above $ 25 can be redeemed in the form of a check from your online account.

What is the third alternative?

AdBrite comes close to Clicksor in the popularity list. This is similar to the adsense revenue program, but works differently. Though the number of formats for ads is not as extensive as Google or Clicksor, you will surely find some of the most popular ones. AdBrite accepts bloggers to have an account with them and the rules are not as strict as the adsense program.

Do we have more options?

These are not the only ones that are out there. There are many more adsense alternatives that you can choose from as well, including Chitika, AdToll, Fastclick as well as Target Point. These alternatives work very similar to Google’s program and can make you a full-time income.

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