4 Ways to Avoid the Horror Of Losing Your Google Rankings

4 Ways to Avoid the Horror Of Losing Your Google Rankings

There is nothing more depressing than waking up and finding all of your websites are no longer showing up on Google for your high traffic keywords. Millions of people have experienced this in the last 30 days.

Everyone has their theories and ideas on what to do. Well meaning people who did not lose their rankings try to explain why they still rank and you do not.

SEO experts have their theories and now want everyone to believe they can get you ranked post Penguin and post Panda. Maybe they can, and maybe they can’t.

It’s somewhat irrelevant because Google could change everything in three months, six months, 1-2 years, and so on. Trying to predict what Google is going to do is mostly a waste of time, because they do not seem to know exactly what they are doing half the time anyway.

So, let’s forget about search engine optimization and just talk about some things you can do to get website traffic, make money, and not worry about losing your Google rankings.

1. Blogspot. This is the free Google blogging platform. Everyone tells you that it is a waste of time to build Google blogs because they can just cancel them at any time. This is true, they can.

They can also cancel all of your rankings for your WordPress blog. I guess the difference is you still have a blog, but if you don’t have any traffic who really cares.

Blogspot is free, and you can get as much free traffic and high rankings as you want. Why not make as much money as you can and work with Google instead of always trying to figure out ways to give them what they want and then ultimately end up guessing incorrectly.

2. Under the radar. Target little micro-niches, local business marketing, and so on.

Stay under the radar and Google’s not going to pay much attention to you, and neither is your competition. There are literally millions of ways you can make money from home under the radar and have a very relaxing life doing it.

3. Social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and so on is big. There are plenty of ways to get all the traffic you want every day marketing through social networking.

4. Paid advertising. In the end you may just need to bite the bullet and purchase traffic. You get up every day knowing you have traffic coming as long as you are willing to fork over the dough.

These are 4 ideas on ways to avoid the horror of losing your Google rankings. Market in other ways and don’t worry about whether Google’s ranking your site or not. There is whole world of Internet marketing out there that does not have anything to do with Google and you’ll sleep a lot better every night.

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