A Gift For Your Home Internet Business, # 1 Position At Google


A Gift For Your Home Internet Business, # 1 Position At Google

The marketing of the home internet business is a numbers game. The bigger is the amount of the site visitors, the bigger will be the sales. There is a lot of talk about targeting, but the most effective way to market the business in the internet is a huge amount of traffic.

To make your home internet business to sign rock & roll, the business needs a proven strategy, which fits to the talents and experiences of the site owner. My strategy is to get free, residual and highly targeted traffic from the several keyword markets. My main tools are an optimized site with many fresh, relevant pages, article writing, blog posts and a regular article writing.

1.Your Home Internet Business Site Takes 60 % Of The Visitors Per Each Keyword If It Is # 1 At Google.

The figures above show how important for your business it is to conquere the # 1 position at Google and to keep it. Do not accept the # 2 position. Google simply put that site on the first place, which has the biggest amount of relevant backlinks and which has fresh, relevant and rich content. It tries to think like the user.

If the site has a constant flow of new, fresh pages, with several inbound links, Google will give value to that.

I have a friend, who has a site with 30.000 daily visitors from the # 1 position at Google. When a site one day dropped to the # 2 position, it lost 60 % of the visitors.

2.Two things Are Important For The Site, The Volume And Value Of The Backlinks.

As said earlier, the home internet business is a numbers game. Do not try to find too targeted traffic, let the visitors make their choices. The residual, targeted and free traffic from the search engines are important. The backlinks gained trough article writing will carry your site to the # 1 position.

I have experienced how SEO articles can also gain # 1 position at Google. This morning I noticed that one of my articles was on the first place at Google with the keyword, which gets over 100.000 searches per month. It means visitors.

If the home internet business site has # 1 position, the title and the intro copy, which a surfer sees on the result page, can attract the targeted visitors and increase the conversion rate. But there will always be a lot of tyre kickers too.

3.What You Should Do If Your Home Internet Business Site Is On The # 2 Place One Day?

I use the article marketing, i.e. I write, publish and distribute articles to carry the site back to the top. Why? Because articles are like optimized ads. They pre sell the idea and will build thousands of new, fresh backlinks for my site.

On the top of that, I will re write each article, to prevent the dublication, and publish it as a new page on my site.

Now I`ll get a lot of new backlinks, with the keyword hyperlinked in the Resourche Box and search engines will see the fresh, new page, which has a high relevancy. This is the method to conquere back the # 1 position.

As to the conversion power, the title and the teaser of every article are extremely important , because most surfers will read only them. It is natural that the used keyword must tell the reader the topic too. I don`t write to the search engines, because they have no money to buy. I`ll always write to the human beings, to the readers.

The more articles I have on my home internet business sites article list with certain keyword, the more value the site gets from the search engines and from the visitors.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. # 1 At Google Is Iron! I Invite You To Take A Quick Look At My Site, To Get 3 Free Ebooks and A Lot Of Articles About SEO For Your Home Internet Business . Click HERE!
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