A Look At The Types Of VoIP And Their Advantages


A Look At The Types Of VoIP And Their Advantages

A few decades ago, one has to to dial the telephone operator’s service number to get connected to the number which you desire to reach. Telephone operators literally connect both your lines via a physical plug to complete the connection. Nowadays there is a more innovative way of getting your much needed long distance call, and cheaper too.

One do not have to shoulder the burden of an expensive mobile plan or a fixed land line with expensive long distance rates. To save your day, companies that offer VoIP are much around to be of service to you. It is a common knowledge that the cable lines are mainly responsible in transferring the audio data. However, the different types of VoIP make it possible for you to place a very cheap call both locally and internationally.

What are the various types of VOIP

For a phone service for both for home and business use, there is no doubt that VoIP is a common name in today’s modern society. In several countries, VOIP has even turned into a common household jargon. Instead of having a regular telephone line installed in the offices and within the homes, the VoIP phone service is much preferred.

1. The consumer VoIP.

Many of today’s consumer-based VoIP services provide free voice calling within the same provider. This is made possible by that of using a certain kind of adaptor which connects to a program or a broadband service which functions like an ordinary main telephone line or a home computer.

This type is a more economical system of getting through the public telephony network. If you happen to notice it, many of the services are provided to you for free. For one, you can call another computer by means of Skype or Yahoo Messenger without encurring any charges. All that you need is a reliable broadband Internet connection, highly reliable microphones, headphones, and speakers.

2. The small up to medium sized company VoIP.

Typically, small scale businesses prefer to apply the methods that will allow them to save more money on their operations. That is why, a VoIP system proves to be very practical in this line.

Centrex Explained

Centrex is yet another type of a phone service which is utilized by most of the VoIP operated services. It has the full control over the central calls and the switching is conducted inside a box that is usually placed on the wall which then acts as the remote Internet hosting center. The Centrex services have something to do with the desk phones of the customers who connect the calls via the broadband Internet towards the PBX servers.

Among the advantages of the system include the uncomplicated deployment just by the mere plugging of the phones into the Internet system, the lower and cost-efficient rates since the call is made over the web, lesser expenses on the installment because of the removal of the phone switches, and the cheaper rates for the internal phone calls.

With everything that seems to be very much in control, your worries can all go away with the popular types of VoIP. Therefore, take this into consideration as you work on your home or office needs.

The author is an offshore call center agent and a freelance writer. She also writes about contact centers in the Philippines
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