A website or practice name which shows up on Google Maps


A website or practice name which shows up on Google Maps

Keywords relate to the words and phrases patients type into the search engines to find you, an orthodontic treatment provider. Your website SEO is all about them, not you. All content should be written from the patient’s perspective to index the page correctly with the search engine spiders. You would be surprised. the number of orthodontic websites which fail to use the correct keywords patients use when search for orthodontic treatment providers on Google or other search engines.

“What I have found with the vast majority of my clients is their websites are not coded correctly for proper indexing on Google for all the major keywords used by patients.”

Don’t be fooled, just because you Orthodontics Web Design was designed by a professional website designer, doesn’t mean it is keywords correctly for SEO (search engine optimization) for all areas of your demographic. Many website designers do a great job creating beautiful websites to attract and engage new patients according to doctor specifications. However, they may fall short when it comes to orthodontic marketing with SEO. I am an SEO Internet marketing specialist, but I know little about HTML code which is required to build a website. The two areas of expertise are not synonymous or the same. Congruently, Orthodontics Website Design your web designer is an SEO specialist. You may lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in new patient revenue who were searching online for treatment in your general demographic and went elsewhere.

A website or practice name which shows up on Google Maps, but not on the page is not considered search engine optimized. Also, it is not done correctly if the homepage doesn’t show up first and secondary internal indexed pages second. Look at your URLs… displayed on the page. If you don’t understand what I am describing… we need to talk. I will walk you through the process with my free consultation.

And FYI – with Google Maps… you are relying on a FREE service, which you have no control over unless you know how to play their game, for now… Do You? In 2008, Google Maps went from their FREE Beta test version to their current FREE version due to popular demand. However, this won’t go on for long. Google Maps will soon be offering advertising, just like pay per click. If you want to be assured of maintaining your Google Map ranking, in the future, you will have to pay for it. But you don’t have to worry about it if you are ranked correctly in an organic Google search.

Stake You’re Claim In Organic Search Engine Ranking Now. or it will cost you later!

Don’t be left in the dust because you failed to accept marketing responsibility for the page ranking of your orthodontic marketing website on the search engines.

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