About Blackberry Smartphones


About Blackberry Smartphones

The company Research in Motion, a Canadian based company developed a new line of smart phone with multiple functions. The blackberry mobile phones act as digital diary with functions like address book, memo pad, calendar and many more. It also has a mobile media player to store, record and play audio and video. The phone comes with mobile network facility which helps in receiving, sending e-mails, and popup notifications for twitter, face book, AOL instant messenger, Windows Live messenger, Yahoo Messenger and many other.

Blackberry 850 which was launched in 1999 was first device to be introduced into the market. It was a two way pager. It was only in 2002 that its popular version smartphone Blackberry which supported internet, mobile services like messaging, net browsing, net fax and wireless information services was introduced. Blackberry became very popular due to their offer of email services.

The first few models introduced in the market had monochrome display but their entire latest version come with colour display. QWERTY keyboard built in facilitate texting using the thumb or what is called as “thumbing”. Except for the Storm series all the models come with QWERTY keyboard. The storm series are fully touch phones that come with Suretype keypad. The first few models came with scroll wheel which enabled navigation through the menu. The scroll wheel was found in the right side of the phone. This was replaced by trackball in the pearl series and was replaced by optical track pad in Curve8500 series.
Blackberry services are managed by the software package called the Blackberry Enterprise Server or BES which is compatible for Microsoft Exchange, Novell Group Wise and Lotus Domino. Google developed a Connector which makes BES available for Google Apps. The use of BES is mainly to use the Blackberry internet service. BlackBerry Internet Services or BIS is available in more than 90 countries. These phones are primarily designed for individual use and also for continuous access to their email. BIS allows the individual user to access up to 10 email accounts and also access many popular email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, hotmail and AOL. Along with notification for various social Network like Twitter, Face book, MySpace etc.

Several Mobile companies have tied up with RIM for BlackBerry services which will enable them to access email by connecting to BlackBerry server. The first model of Blackberry devices was a two way pager in 5 models and moved on to making built in mobile phones with integrated email service which had 11 models to its credit. All these models had monochrome display. Later 12 models with colour display with GPS and Blue tooth functions entered the market. The next version belonged to the family of “charm” which came without QWERTY key board but with predictive text. It had 11 models to its credit. Blackberry moved into the next segment of Smartphones which was developed to target the consumer market and developed families like Electron, Pearl, Pearl Flip, Curve, Bold, Storm, Tour, Style and Torch each of which had many upgraded versions introduced in the market.

Blackberry is a high end mobile service with integrated phone which made life of many easier and simpler.

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