Add Friends

Add Friends

In Friendster there are numerous different methods to add friends to your network. Initially, you may invite people you know to join Friendster. If they acknowledge your invitation they will be added to your network of friends. Second, you may conduct a User Search to look up current Friendster associates by name or email address. If you locate the person you’re looking for you can choose to add them as a friend. They will be added if they accept your friend request. Next, you can accept friend request/s sent to you by other Friendster member/s. You will see this in the “My Inbox” within the homepage. Finally, you may ask to add somebody as a friend while looking at their user profile by clicking on the “Add person as your friend” link on their profile.

To add new friend to Yahoo!: In the Yahoo! Messenger window, click the Add button. With the Windows edition, you may also click the Messenger menu and then select “Add a Friend/Group.”

1. Key in your friend’s exact Yahoo! ID. Your friend must have a Yahoo! ID for you to add them to your list. In case your friend hasn’t got Yahoo! ID or Yahoo! Messenger yet, be sure to send them an invitation and download instructions.

2. Select the group where you want the friend to get added. If you wish to create a new group, just type the name in the space provided. Groups assist you to keep track of friends (e.g. work friends, chat friends, etc.) separately.

3. Select whether you want to use your main Yahoo! ID or your alias to add your friend. Your friends’ will only see the ID or alias that you select, and not any of the others that you might have.

4. Send your friend a message to appear along with the notice that you have added them. When you add a friend to your list, the friend is automatically notified and offered the alternative to add you in return. When the friend adds you in return, you are advised.

MySpace is the ideal place for connecting with old friends and make new ones. After signing up and creating your MySpace profile, the next step is to add as many as your friends, no matter whether they are your current real-life friends, virtual friends known from IM networks or chat-rooms, or new discovered friends from MySpace network, to your own MySpace friends list as your friends in MySpace social networking websites. This adding as friend’s step is essential to ensure that you actually may also become your friends’ friend, hence the two of you may add and leave responses on MySpace Profile page.

To add a friend’s MySpace page to your friend list, initially you have to know the friend’s MySpace page. You may use one of several following methods to know and have the friend’s MySpace profile page: 1) Request your friend for his/her MySpace URL. 2) Get the MySpace profile link URL with unique ID. 3) Search for your friends with name, school, country, or affiliations. 4) Browse for your friends. You can use browse criteria in order to filter and limit the list.

Once you find your friends’ MySpace URL, go to their MySpace page. In the MySpace page, locate the Contact Box where there is an alternative of “Add to Friends”. Click “Add to Friends”, and wait for your friend to approve you as friend. Additionally, you may offer your MySpace URL to your friends, and have them to add you as friend. This is the way to put your friends into your friend list too.

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