Android Phones


Android Phones

With no doubts, mobile phones have become a necessity in the recent times. They have evolved to a great extent from the days they were like bricks to the ones that are extremely small and sleek. The very basic ones would just allow you to make and receive calls while the ones these days allow you to check your mails, enable video conferencing and play games. When this has become a need and you want to buy one of the smart phones, then the best choice would be the Android phones.

Apart from these basic features, there are plenty of spectacular ones that you would find in them. One of the very popular features that are present in most of the phones is the touch screen. The screens are not very big, while in most cases, the size would be about two and a half inch. Also, the weight of most of the phones is quite less weighing about one hundred grams. The size has no connection with the applications as there are plenty in number.

Most of the Android phones come with a five megapixel camera and a 3.5mm headphone jack which helps you to listen to music that is downloaded on the phone. Similar to any other phone, this one allows you to browse the internet. One of the very unique features is that you can run several applications simultaneously. Also, it gives you the option to switch between applications and you would be notified when something new happens with any of the applications. Some of the common applications between the android phones and the computer are Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and a lot more.

With the help of the android phone, you can copy URL which helps you share your information and photos with many people. Most of the Google applications can be accessed using the Android phones and some of them are Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and Instant Message. The size of the phones manufactured by various companies change drastically and some of them are so huge that they would bulge out of your pocket. In most of the cases, the size of the phone varies directly with the weight and hence makes it difficult for the individuals to carry. There operating systems keep changing with time and hence before buying an Android phone make sure the phone has the ability to support the latest version of the operating system as some of them do not have the ability.

The features of the phone play an important role in deciding the price of the instrument and if you are the person who does not use the vast applications, then it is best not to invest on these costly mobile phones. You can choose to purchase these phones in most of the mobile phone shops that are found through the world. Also, you can choose to buy them through the various online retail shops, but there would be an obvious change in the cost from one store to another. Whatever the case may be if you are looking out for the best features available, then the obvious choice should be “Android Phones”.

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