Announcing The Google Shop Intended For Google Applications And Extensions

Announcing The Google Shop Intended For Google Applications And Extensions

It’ll be online and available for business any moment now, mentioned by the Wall Street Journal not long ago. It’s the Google shop intended for business enterprise apps. Application shops are where all the action is today. Google currently has an online store in case you haven’t noticed; but they tend not to offer anything high-tech there; they only sell Google fanboy merchandise like coffee mugs as well as T-shirts. The Google business enterprise application shop will be a lot better – they’re going to be promoting applications built by independent builders, which are supposed to be add-ons to Gmail, Google Talk, Google Docs, Google Chrome as well as other Google apps. Generally speaking, they could be to aid the business user roll in more inticate word processing, much better security, and so on when he or she utilizes cost-free Google programs for their business, rather than pricey Microsoft stuff. In case you have seen the Android app shop, you almost certainly have a very good idea how a Google store is going to work.

The model is simple – the third-party app developer sets an amount on his or her application, and posts it on the Google shop for business apps. Any time that a consumer downloads a copy, Google takes its cut, and hands the rest over to the developer. It would be truly awesome if this concept really became popular. Gmail as well as Google Docs are so widely used that there will be a specific sector, and based on how well the program developers dream up innovative ideas, things could get quite active.

The whole application concept is really getting more popular. Mozilla has a gazillion add-ons, though they are all absolutely free. Who would have thought that you could have so many add-on concepts for a basic browser? If they try hard, designers could possibly come up with several very good creative concepts. But if you think about it, a Google shop for tech stuff is not all that new. The Google Solutions Marketplace is online for quite a while now – since 2008. An example of the kind of thing offered there is a service that will help small companies transfer all their files over to the Cloud. But you see, they don’t actually make or offer apps on the Google Solutions marketplace. They simply promote services that will help companies use Google products much better.

Maybe it will be far better if instead of starting an entire brand new Google shop for business enterprise applications, they just improved the existing Solutions Marketplace to sell the newest products also. And while they’re at it, they could make Google Checkout handle the payments, and assist third-party companies get a proper distribution channel, perhaps using Google development tools. All of Google’s endeavours in the application area, aim to market Google’s Cloud endeavours properly among business end users. The County of Los Angeles for example, recently declared that it was going to reduce costs by transferring all of its records and work, to Google’s servers. That was a deal worth $ 7 million to Google. And it was worth immeasurably more in cementing its status as a serious place for business enterprise.

Would you believe that Cloud computing has been in existence for half a century now? GE as well as IBM will put down dedicated lines to company offices, and handle all their computing tasks over at GE’s and IBM’s facilities. Nowadays Google just has to bring in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange concept, link buyers as well as retailers, provide assistance for Salesforce AppExchange, and any single-person business ought to be up and running.

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