Anytime, Anywhere Therapy with Instant Messaging


Anytime, Anywhere Therapy with Instant Messaging

The growing needs and subsequent efforts to fulfill those needs may have brought greater financial stability but everything comes for a price. Along with financial strengthening came stress, anxiety and insecurity which are associated with professional lives, thus increasing the need of the professional help of a therapist. The power of World Wide Web has affected every sector in some way or the other, and the same is true for therapy online as well. Online counseling sessions offer a lot of benefits over the clinical approach. Unlike traditional methods, these can be availed anywhere, thus doing away with the hassles of traffic and transport.

Another potent benefit that the sessions have is the amount of privacy and confidentiality which these offer. The issues that are brought on table for counseling can be sensitive and not easy to put into words. The same can make the patients feel embarrassed or ashamed while discussing. However, online counseling aims to remove these problems by offering greater anonymity to patients. People can be solicit online therapy for long hours without divulging their true identity. Online counseling, thus, offer comfort to patients and remove the fears which might crop up in an individual’s mind during face-to-face therapy sessions.

Since the whole session is conducted over the Internet and only involves the consent of two people, it is considered quite effective in the medical community. Moreover, since the counseling is text based, there is no chance of anybody over hearing as well.

There can be the possibility that one may not find a nearby counseling center or the same might need a long drive. In such a case, too, online counseling sessions come to rescue. Almost everyone these days have Internet services, nearby and can simply log in and start the session. There remains no need of visiting a distant clinic or taking appointments. Furthermore, the need of adhering to stringent clinical timings is also eliminated. The therapy online sessions can be availed at any time, even during odd hours, thus becoming suitable for emergencies.

An effective therapy online session doesn’t call for any advanced software application. Simple IM applications such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live can be used for accomplishing the process. These software are readily available for download on the Internet, are free to use and fast to install. Few chat application software, such as Skype, also offer video integration, which allow face to face counseling over the Internet. With high speed broadband connectivity, patients can get clear and constant video and audio feed, so that there is no disruption in the therapy online session.

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