Are You Marketing Challenged…Need Help?!?


Are You Marketing Challenged…Need Help?!?

Are You Marketing Challenged…Need Help?!?

If you’re just getting started on the internet….getting started on the right foot is imperative….and learning the process of marketing your business opportunity on the internet is a prerequisite to become successful on line! Learn some simple yet effective tips from the professionals that will help accelerate your learning process!

Most of us have been through the process of searching the web for that unbelievable program that will make us an overnight millionaire. You know….the one where you can retire on some tropical island and drink those exotic island drinks all day while laying on the beach getting a suntan. That program that is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread! The one that you don’t have to advertise, make phone calls or do any recruiting. All you have to do is check your back statement every morning to see how much money your made while you were sleeping last night. That type of advertising lies….insults my intelligence.

How much money have you wasted on that kind of to good to be true junk? Everyone I talk to has been through the same ridiculous fantasy. I was in a meeting the other day and one of the individuals in the meeting had spent over $ 10,000 buying junk programs that was hyped supposedly make them get rich quickly. They had not make one nickle with all that wasted money. If you don’t remember anything else in this article today, remember this one statement….There is NO legitimate get rich scheme that will make you rich overnight!! It takes work and dedication to be successful on the internet just like any other business. Everything else is a outright lie.

By putting together a fancy web site with a lot of flash and hyped up content will ruin your chances of success on the internet. The search engines are not interested in flash, pictures and junk content and they will punish you for this type of site. They may even ban you from the internet. The Search Engines are interested in one thing….and that is good keyword rich relevant content about your products or service. By writing articles with good keyword rich content on a daily basis, search engine like Google will push your site to higher and higher page ranking.

I reviewed a survey the other day, stating that more than 78% of the people who are doing a search for a product or service will Google the topic for information about a business or individual before they will do business with them. Most people won’t go past page one or maybe page two of Google in researching their interest. If you’re not positioned on page 1 or 2 of the search engines….you may never be found on the internet.

By consistently writing new articles with good keyword rich content, Google will position you in their rankings so that people will find you quicker than if you just have a lot of glitz, glamour and moving text on your web site. I reviewed a site the other morning for a potential client who couldn’t understand why his site (which was well designed and looked good) was going nowhere. When I reviewed the source code which is where the search engine look….there was NO keywords….NO meta tag description….and NO links. Plus there had been NO new content added to the web site since the site was built in June of 2005. It doesn’t take a take a rocket expert to figure out what’s wrong with that picture. However, if you don’t have the expertise to investigate the source, how would anyone ever know to look at the inner structure of the web site. You wouldn’t. Without proper training you probably don’t have a clue where to look either. This is where professional help can be the difference between success and possible failure. Don’t go this road alone….get the help you need, when you need it.

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

Larry L Miller a SEM/SEO Consultant who specializes in promoting his clients to “Top Positions With Google” and other leading search engines. Mr Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Systems..
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