Battle of the Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Battle of the Mobile Phone Operating Systems

The Trendy New Smartphone, The Nokia E72

Nokia launched this popular business Smartphone, a successor of the E71 where their main targets are female customers. The recent addition of colour is expected to garner mass appeal from women especially teenagers longing for stylish handsets and have an eye to its Nokia E72 series.

Owners of this device will be able to connect to their favourite Instant Messenger accounts such as Google Talk and Ovi, Yahoo Messenger amongst many others.

As for Nokia’s mobile and I’m service – it is complimented with a lifetime service of Nokia Messaging, also get in touch with onboard clients for Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler being able to have access to popular accounts such as, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Ovi Mail and a lot more using on-device email setup, with the same easy to use and improved feature and user interface integrating corporate accounts as well.

The Samsung Bada OS

Welcome to the world of Bada, Samsung’s newest operating system. Bada was derived from a Korean word meaning “ocean”. Now, let’s try to sink in our fingertips to Samsung’s newest operating system where it allows phone developers to create high quality applications and guarantees a platform with plenty of eye-catching and customisable integrated features to its users.

Samsung’s new Bada open mobile platform was launched in November 2009 and the first of its handsets was released just this year, the Samsung S8500 Wave. According to the developer, it has the most powerful mobile platform in the market.

Heavy players like Twitter, Blockbuster, CAPCOM, EA mobile and Gameloft are said to be participating in the release of this operating system. Notice what’s common about them? Mobile gaming and social networking is considered to be the key focus in the system. Other additional data is for content management, location-based services and commerce services, which are all supported by the back-end bada servers.

The UX Operating System for the Sony Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson SX Xperia X10 uses software application called UX or what they call the user experience platform which manages social networking, photos, videos, music content plus other communications of this phone device.

It also introduces Timescape whereas the user can now see updates on Facebook, emails and text messages in chronological order or in one place. This is perfect for people who want to view items at ease and with order.

There is also an application called Mediascape, which gathers all the music, videos and photos from your favourite artist, friends, relatives and people you know allowing it to access the contents from your phone, internet and has a PlayNow feature which can be showed everything unto the screen.

One extensive capability of the phone is that it has intelligent recognition of ones face that could magically recognise up to five faces in any given picture which would automatically connect them with your phonebook and all other interrelated communications with that person.

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