Beginners Guide To Google Adwords Do Not Get Burned

Beginners Guide To Google Adwords Do Not Get Burned

If you are new to internet marketing, or maybe looking for away to expand your business Google Adwords is a great way to take your business to a whole new level. However most people today do not understand how Google Adwords works, and how it can benefit them, but at the same time burn them if they are not careful.

First let go over what Google Adwords is. When ever you go and do a search on the internet in Google you will see to the top and right hand side short little ads. Those ads are Google Adwords, and people pay for their ad to be shown on the page. Now anyone of any skill level can go and open up an account and have their ads shown as well.

Now that we know what everything is lets talk about just how much you would have to pay to have your ad shown for keywords.

After you make and account with Google you then need to create an ad. You will be asked to write in keywords that you would like your ad to be displayed for. Now this is where it can get a bit tricky, and might cost a lot of money. Depending on how popular your keywords are they may cost a lot of money, or it they could cost almost nothing. Again though it all has to do with how popular your keywords are, and how many times they get searched.

You may find that some keywords cost as little as ten cents while others could cost as much as two dollars or even more! That is why most people say its better to use what are called keyword search phrase.

Here is the difference between a keyword and a keyword phrase. With a normal keyword for example like work at home you will probably spend a good amount of money because its popular, and gets an enormous amount of searches each month. Now if you used a more detailed keyword that might have more words in it like moms work at home full time job might be a bit cheaper for the simple fact that its longer and its not as popular was the keyword work at home.

Now that you know the basics of Google Adwords and how it works you should have a better understanding of how to setup a good campaign. Just make sure that at first you do not over do it, and that you set a daily budget to something you can afford to spend.

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