Benefits of Availing Online Therapy


Benefits of Availing Online Therapy

Internet has revolutionized the way that the medical sector works, especially in terms of counseling. There can be issues which are not easy to put in words by patients or reasons that make them feel ashamed. In such a scenario, the importance of online therapy is evident to one and all, as patients can converse with therapists comfortably from their homes and offices. Success of the session depends on how well the online therapist bonds with the client.

Since such online therapy sessions are conducted virtually, these ensure greater anonymity and confidentiality to patients. As a result they can come out with personal matters without any fear. Needless to say, the privacy involved gives the process an edge over traditional methods of counseling and solidifies the confidentiality clause between the two concerned parties.

Falling broadband prices and easy availability of Internet have made online therapy quite cost effective. Beyond privacy, there are many other potent benefits of opting for online counseling sessions. As the event is held over the Internet, need of traveling to a clinic is eradicated. This saves considerable time and costs for the online therapist as well as patient. Avoiding the worries of traffic and transport, both parties can conveniently log in from the comforts of their homes.

If there is a need of maintaining visual contact, a compatible system, IM application and web cam are needed to establish face-to-face dialog between the two parties despite their remote locations. Video-based chat applications like Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, can integrate text, video and voice modules, wherein the video and audio are decoded at the receiver’s end without any lag. With advancements in e-communication, it is possible to obtain clear audio and video feed. Online therapy via video chat can be as effective as its conventional one without the hassles of taking an appointment with a therapist or visiting a far flung clinic.

An online therapist can log in to IM almost anytime of the day, thus avoiding the stiff timing associated with conventional clinics. If the issue is too sensitive to be discussed or if the same makes the patient anxious or embarrassed, then text-based IM counseling can be of great help. In this process, patients can pen down their feelings and thoughts without feeling ashamed about the same. As it involves simply writing, there need not be any fear of anybody over hearing, ensuring a higher privacy to both patient and the online therapist.

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