Benefits of Online Counseling for Treating Addiction

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Benefits of Online Counseling for Treating Addiction

Addiction is defined as growing dependence on substances such as alcohol and tobacco, physically and psychologically. The substances are believed to be capable of taking control over chemical actioning of brain and thus weakening the activity of nervous system. The reasons of any person getting into addiction can be so many like peer pressure, stress, anxiety. However, addiction, if not controlled on time, can cause severe damage, irrespective of the reason. If heavy drinking can lead to increase in cholesterol and renal failure, smoking is associated with bronchitis and tuberculosis. Needless to say, on time control of addiction becomes crucial to ensure physical and social well being. Online counseling is a process which aims to treat addiction effectively by offering total confidentiality to patients.

For completely curing addiction, it is important that doctors know about the cause and origin of addiction. This is, however, sometimes not possible during clinical counseling sessions due to fear and embarrassment, faced by patients. On the contrary, individuals opting for counseling online can keep the conversation entirely to be text based. Such online counseling sessions can be conducted with the help of simple chat applications like Skype, Windows Live, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. The process does not require advanced software and can be conducted using computers with standard processing capabilities. As the conversation is text-based, patients need not come face to face with the therapist. The patient can stay anonymous through the entire process and easily avoid divulging any detail about identity and avail sound online counseling.

Owing to increased level of privacy and confidentiality, online counseling helps patients in coming out with personal issues which they cannot express otherwise. Moreover, since the conversation is kept entirely text-based, there is no chance of anybody overhearing. A friendly and non-biased network of therapists is always ready to help patients 24×7; patients can log in whenever it is convenient for them. There is no need of sticking to stringent timings of clinics or going through hassles of appointments, which are associated with traditional counseling sessions.

While undergoing a counseling online session, an individual can also avail the option of seeing therapists in real time. Majority of popular IM applications incorporate video integration option, wherein a webcam is used to record and broadcast videos. In order to ensure seamless and uninterrupted video-based counseling online session, high speed Internet connectivity is a prerequisite. Flexibility in timing and cost effectiveness are the other major benefits of hosting an effective counseling online sessions.

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