Better Search Engine Ranks – 5 Tips to Get In Good with Google

Better Search Engine Ranks – 5 Tips to Get In Good with Google

If you want a successful website, then you’ll have to take search engine rankings if you want the free traffic that the search engines can provide. As one of the most popular search engines, receives over 300 million searches per day and has literally billions of pages in the Google index. So, you definitely want to get in good with Google for success on the web. Let’s talk about how you can get better search engine ranks with Google. Here are a few tips that can help.

Tip #1 – Use Keywords in the URL – If you want better search engine ranks with Google use your primary keywords in the URL. When you make the website name or even when you create other pages to the website, using specific keywords in the URLs can definitely help you get better search engine rankings with Google and other search engines as well.

Tip #2 – Use Keywords in Page Names – As you create content for your site, name each page after the primary keyword for that page without overdoing it. Your visitors should be able to instantly tell what the page is about from the page name. But don’t go overboard with long-tail phrases because if they are too long they can get cut off in search engine results. Overly long page names can also be penalized by Google and other search engines as spam.

Tip #3 – Use Keywords in Web Content – While you shouldn’t totally jam your content full of keywords, using your keywords throughout your content and articles, will help you achieve better search engine rankings.

Tip #4 – Build Back Links – Link popularity is critically important. You need to make building back links a priority if you want to get in good with Google. There are a variety of different ways that you can build up links that point back to your site. You can use Forum posts and press releases but the method I highly recommend is article marketing.

Tip #5 – Theme of the Page and Entire Site – The theme of your site and each page should be in agreement. Instead of jumping from topic to topic, it is best to keep your site and each page focused on one theme to get better ranks with Google. While your site does not have to be one single, narrowly focused topic, it should not stray from a central theme of related topics.

So, if you want better search engine ranks, give these tips a try.

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