Big business lobbyists want to limit Skype in Russia

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Big business lobbyists want to limit Skype in Russia

The development of Skype, the well-liked Internet telephony service, in Russian can be limited. The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) has a wish to provide amendments administering this market section’s functioning. Besides, it is stated that the restrictions are aimed for protecting Russian mobile network operators’ business.

On the 21st of July, the RUIE commission of the telecommunication and informational technologies discussed IP telephony market. Some IT companies think, for example, that talks via Skype can’t be tapped by the secret services.

The RUIE release dealing with the conclusions of the commission meeting foretells that by 2012 40% of the traffic “will be occupied with IP telephony which is out of government control. This will inevitably provoke anxiety over safety”. The bulletin also states that “most of Russian telecommunication market is occupied by foreign-based companies such as ICQ and Skype. That’s why Russian telecommunication business’ interests are to be protected”.

The RUIE press release also points out that now none of the 182 countries controls the IP telephony market this way. Still, in the end the participants of the meeting stated that, anyway, the Russian business and, moreover, the government itself have to “come to terms” with this service.

As a rule, mobile network operators are against the IP telephony because this software lets users pay much less than while using standard mobile services. Vitaliy Kotov, the chief vice-president of the company “TransTeleCom”, claims that the IP telephony prices are 1,5-2 times lower than those of the standard mobile operators. And at the same time some IP telephony services are absolutely free.

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