Bingo Lingo: What You Need to Know Before Playing Online Bingo


Bingo Lingo: What You Need to Know Before Playing Online Bingo

What do “DIY,” “CMIIW” and “EAK” mean? Well to an online bingo player it’s obvious that they mean “Do It Yourself,” “Correct Me If I’m Wrong” and “Eating At Keyboard.”

Eating at keyboard? Now that’s one dedicated online bingo player! And besides, who really needs to know that? I sure don’t. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling me (by abbreviation of course) when they go to the bathroom.

Online bingo has been stirring up the nation with it’s addictive games and special promotions. Now feel free to meet some new people with your very own chat component and a special language to go with it. After all, you don’t want to go into an online bingo hall and not know the “bingo lingo.”

It’s amazing how many cyber-friends are found through internet bingo chat rooms. Its amazing to see how many people are playing who seem to have known each other for years. And, to think that they probably live on different ends of the country, or the world, and may share only one thing in common–a love for online bingo. Of course, what might be more important than a bingo bond?

First it was AOL instant messenger who coined the infamous chat language for all who used the program using acronyms like “LOL” and “BRB” meaning “Laugh Out Loud” and “Be Right Back.” Bingo has taken this acronym language to the next level with the help if its’ players clever terms put into three to five letter acronyms. OMG!

Of course, when a player is chatting online and concentrating on the fast paced internet bingo action, one couldn’t expect them to be able to type full sentences too! Not even the most experienced online bingo player can do that. That’s where the value of bingo lingo comes in.

With every chat-based game or chat program there is, of course, a specific chat etiquette one must follow to meet a new friend or two. The game of bingo is no different, and it even has its own list of etiquette terms and conditions.

According to play-internet-bingo, some obvious etiquette to follow would be not using offensive words and treating everyone in the bingo chat room with respect. Kindergarten etiquette anyone?

Surprisingly, many people still can’t follow that rule. There are other terms that players may not know of such as not impersonating other players in the bingo chat and welcoming the “newbies” or new players into the chat when prompted. All etiquette descriptions promote the making of new friends in online bingo chat rooms.

There are many different ways to say things in bingo language. If you’re leaving for a minute or two one could say the usual “BRB” for “Be Right Back” or the new online bingo acronym “AFK” or “Away From Keyboard.”

Many online bingo players will take a timeout from the action to cook dinner, watch a juicy soap opera scene, or take a phone call. Players just put their bingo game on automatic and cards are automatically purchased for upcoming games. Some players even play automatically while they are at work and check their results when they get home!

Imagine the excitement a player feels when he or she comes home from work or running an errand and sees that he or she has won a thousand dollar jackpot! It happens!

Saying “hello” and “goodbye” are different as well. For “hello” use “GD” or “Good Day.” “See you later” can be put using “TTFN,” meaning “Ta Ta For Now.”

One might say the beauty of this online bingo chat language is the simplicity and a lazy person’s ease at making conversation. And, we all need simple pleasures in our crowded and rushed lives.

Using bingo chat language is a quick way to say things without typing them out completely. But proceed with caution, putting a letter or two in the wrong spot could make your online bingo buddy say “GR,” or “Good Riddance” with a click of the mouse.

“IW2WBM.” That’s my bingo lingo for the day. Can’t figure it out? “I want to win big money.” That’s why I’m off to play online bingo right now! CUL8R.
Anthony Wayne is marketing manager for Curacao-based BingoHouse. Wayne is also an avid internet bingo player and has been playing online bingo for almost ten years.
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