Blackberry Applications Commonly Used At Work


Blackberry Applications Commonly Used At Work

Blackberry has changed the lives of people in the corporate world, in more than one way. With Blackberry, loaded with applications, the executives can carry their office with them, wherever they go. They can do many things like accessing emails, opening the attachments in the emails, maintaining their calendar and address book etc., all on their Blackberry, itself.

Common Applications

Email: The connectivity of Blackberry to POP3 or Microsoft Exchange servers was the first and foremost application that made Blackberry a hit. The executives can access their office email anytime anywhere on their Blackberry and it is always ‘ON’. Initially, it was not possible to open the attachments in emails but this also got resolved with applications like Mobile Office. You can also access your Gmail account using Google mobile application.

Viewing Documents: As mentioned earlier, with new versions of Blackberry, it has become possible to view your documents, which are in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF format. There are various applications like eOffice, available for viewing Microsoft Office documents. Using these applications, you can not only view but also create office documents. Also, there are applications to check your spellings and grammar while creating a document. Oxford dictionary and thesaurus is also available in a Blackberry.

Messenger Application: Various messenger applications are available to make your life easy. Some of the famous ones apart from the Blackberry messenger are Google Talk, IM+ All in one mobile messenger, IM+ for Skype and Twitterberry. You can chat with your clients, colleagues, or vendors while you are on move using these applications with any of your existing accounts like ICQ, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Google talk etc. These applications help you to save the cost of text messaging.

Calendar: Blackberry applications act as your personal secretary and remind you of all your schedules, important meetings and events. You can maintain your calendar using Google calendar and use Google Sync to synchronize the same with your Blackberry. So, your Blackberry would ensure that you do not get late for your meetings or miss an important event.

Plan your travel: Blackberry has made life easier for all those people who are always on the move. Not only do it help you to communicate with your colleagues and clients but also helps you to plan your travel. With the applications like WorldMate Live and TravelMate, you can book your hotels, check weather, track your travel expenses and know your flight status etc. Google Maps helps you to know where you are and search where you want to go.

Google Search: The most widely used search engine is available for your Blackberry also. You can use this to search anything you are looking for. For e.g. it can help to search some technical information while preparing for a meeting or a presentation, or any other information required before meeting an important client.

With all these applications and many more getting added everyday, Blackberry has become an indispensable tool for all executives and entrepreneurs. Even organizations are looking at it as a productivity improvement tool and are training their staff on correct and efficient use of the same.

BlackBerry applications are incredibly useful for work and the home office. Whether you are on the road or doing errands, you can be available and in the know with your BlackBerry phone .
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