Brand New Method To Find Link Exchange Partners

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by C05T1N

Brand New Method To Find Link Exchange Partners

Here is an often overlooked method to find link exchange partners.

Gmail client, has a feature inside which allows you to instantly chat with your contacts. This is something many of us use, because you do not need to install any software to chat.

If you already make a lot of link exchanges and you have a Gmail account, you should go on Gmail chat to see how many more link exchange you can make. The goal is to find link exchange partners that have a Gmail account. The best way to find these potential link exchange partners is through Orkut or Google groups. There find communities or groups that are specific for exchanging links, and start inviting webmasters for a Gmail chat. Many automatically send an invite to you.

Sending an invitation is done through your Gmail account. To be able to chat with other webmasters you have to invite them first, then they have to accept.

On these groups or communities you can find lots of deals for trading links. However many may be to busy to reply, so if you get them on a chat, that is the best way to exchange links fast.

On chat you can push further, ask them for an article exchange, for a blog link exchange or to become a co author for your blog if they are great authors. Do not just ask for a link exchange. On chat you can do more.

Gmail chat is proven to be effective so if you are still using Gmail standard version without chat, it is time to switch to Gmail with chat. You can easily do this from within your Gmail account. If you been doing link exchanges for a long time already, you probably already have a
dozen invitation waiting for your approval.

There is another advantage with this method, because if you create a new website, you already have potential link exchange partner waiting to exchange links. With a click on the mouse you chat with link partners.

The same thing applies for other messengers, but mainly Yahoo and MSN. Those are the other most popular ones. I suggest you create a section on your messenger and start adding contacts. Even if you do not know them at all, but you know they are doing SEO, you never know. They might be very willing to exchange links with you.

This is also a great way to build up a big list of contacts on these other two messengers as well. Chatting is much better than simple sending requests by email, so do not ignore this simple method.

Long term link partners are one of the best things you have, to gradually improve search engine rankings.

Where do you find the contacts?

Some forums display the users messengers ids, so you can find marketing, search engine optimization or related forums. You may even want to post a new thread asking if anyone is interested to come up on messenger for a chat.

Orkut is another great place to find Gmail contacts. Then there is yahoo, Google and msn groups and maybe even yahoo and live answers.

So by applying this method you have a new method to get link exchange partners, which are twice as better than those you get via email.

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