Broaden Your Understanding of VoIP


Broaden Your Understanding of VoIP

Do you want an iphone? Of course, everybody wants to get their hands on that handy gadget. It costs too much, does it? Although there are a lot of China clones available in the market, they do not even compare with Apple’s iPhone.

However, the iphone I’m talking about is not the fad phone. I’m talking about Cisco’s iphone. Apple and Cisco have been fighting over the patent of “iphone”. Cisco’s VoIP iphone was the first to use the iphone brand, however, Apple’s fad phone is more popular than the former. So, who really owns the patent? I don’t know. The case is still on going.

JAJAH, one of the most renowned VoIP service provider, has reached 10 million users in two years time. They were able to sign up almost 2 million users in just a year, making them one of the most successful VoIP service providers of all time. Now, what is up with JAJAH? Well, Yahoo! has decided to sign a deal with them, making them sign up all of 97 million users of Yahoo! Messenger. Now that’s about 100 million subscribers for JAJAH. People can now send SMS, pay their bills, detect fraudulent activities etc. with just a click of the button.

Have you had failed calls with your VoIP? Are you tired of figuring your VoIP connection all the time? Experts say that VoIP requires a lot of good management for it to be successful. Aberdeen Group said in their new study that the services offered by VoIP will only be efficient if, and only if it is managed well. They said that well managed voice over IP services can be 93 percent more effective and have better quality compared to those with lousy management. The VoIP provider should utilize the most modern tools to achieve a very successful VoIP.

If you think only Japan is the only country that focuses on technological advancement, you’re wrong. It is true that these Japanese robots can carry tons and tons of loads, but are you aware that Romania too is keeping up with the race? Romania does not produce robots of course, but they have a much better technological creation that will benefit lots of banks and companies.

Introducing Carmen.

Carmen is a customer care representative who can accommodate you with your concerns. Oh, don’t be fooled. Carmen is not a real person–she’s an “it”. Carmen is a synthetic voice over that has been integrated to many bank systems. This in fact cut the cost of banks since they don’t need anymore pre-recordings and other customer care needs; Carmen can do everything.

It is a fact that computer systems can be hacked. Since these VoIPs rely mainly on the internet for communication, hackers of course have found a way to hack these voice over telecommunication devices. How? Of course through audio insertion. If you make a call and you hear unfamiliar sounds on the line (a song perhaps?), your VoIP connection is perhaps hacked. How about phreaking? Chances of getting your phone phreaked are high considering the fact that the connection of these VoIP phones relies on the internet. This should serve as warning to VoIP companies since most of their customers do activate the security features of their phones due to its complexity.

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