Build Your Business – One Blog at a Time!


Build Your Business – One Blog at a Time!

For those of you who follow my articles, you’ve probably noticed I talk a lot about writing and blogging. Today I want to share with you some rather basic ideas about blogging that will help you understand why I am so passionate about helping those who are really serious about making money online learn how to write and experience the benefits of sharing information with others through blogging.

If you’re not currently writing on a regular basis then you need to do some soul searching about how committed you are to making a living on the internet. The internet is all about information and by not sharing your experiences and knowledge you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reach a segment of the internet market that otherwise you will never penetrate.

My suggestion for today would be that if you are not currently writing, blogging and posting to forums you need to start today and experience the benefits blogging will provide to you and your business opportunity.

Start out by writing about something you truly love. Maybe your spare time passion is riding dirt bikes out on the back 40 of your property. Write about some of your experiences that you’ve enjoyed while riding in remote areas. Not everyone is going to be interested in your hobby of riding out in the middle of nowhere, but someone, somewhere will relate to what you enjoy and you can build a relationship with that person or group that could develop into a profitable venture.

Blogging is an affordable way to share your ideas, advertise and make some money during the interim. If you’re serious about blogging you may want to purchase your own domain. I personally use the Google Blogger format for my blogging. If you have your own a g-mail account which is free and the Blogger program is free, super simple to use and you are in complete control of what you put into your blog. If you allow other users to post in your blog you can delete information they write if it offends you or is in opposition of your ideas of what your blog is all about.

There are various plug-ins that can enhance the effectiveness of your blog, so be sure to add the plug-ins that applies to your overall goals with your own personal blog.

Set a schedule for writing, posting and maintaining your blog. Write consistently and try to publish on a schedule of weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Whatever frequency you choose will be just fine but be consistent so your readers will be looking for your information on a given day of the week. You can even put an RSS feed on your blog so your users will be able to get your updated information with a simple click on the RSS feed icon. You will quickly build a following with your writings of users that will become loyal readers and contributors to your blog on a regular basis.

Once you finish writing your blog or article, then proofread for spelling errors and check the grammar before you post. Having a professional looking writing will build a respect of your users that you know what you’re doing. You’re going to make some errors that you may overlook in your proofing of your content, that’s OK we are all human. If you have someone you can rely on to proofread your writings, many times they will catch an error that you may have overlooked. Spending that little bit of extra time it takes to proof your writing one more time will be time well spent.

Write from your heart. Don’t try to put on a front that you’re something you’re not. People will pick up your insincerity really quickly in your writing. Just be yourself and write like you talk. Of course leave out any profanity and questionable content.

If you can join a bloggers forum you will gain an incredible amount of knowledge about blogging from other people who have a like interest. Don’t hesitate to leave a funny, friendly comment to any blog or writing you may become a part of. Feedback will help each of us and will help to make you a better writer.

Try to keep your site clean and uncluttered. One cool plug-in on Blogger is the log of your articles so your readers can easily find your articles. Using a keyword in your blog title will help you and your users to find your writing on a particular subject matter rather quickly.

It is recommended that you put your contact information and any links at the bottom of your writings in the byline area. Try to keep your links to about 2-3 at the most. Too many links can become overwhelming to your reading audience rather quickly.

In your content area, use some good relevant keywords and keyword phrases about your product or services. Distribute your keywords throughout the writing so the search engines will look favorably on your article. Keyword density and keyword proximity are two key elements that the search engines look at carefully when indexing and positioning your site with a good page rank. These issues are discussed in greater details in some of my other articles which you can find at

Keeping your site simple yet informative is crucial for acceptance with users and the search engines. The more you write the better you will become at writing. You may not win a world class award for your writings; however, you will be blessed with a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction and peace of mind that you were able to share an idea, an experience or some basis knowledge that helped someone get through a life changing experience.

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