Business Travel: Making it More Personal


Business Travel: Making it More Personal

When your office sends you to another city, state, or country for official business travel, you initially feel excited. For some, it’s an opportunity to go to a place that they’ve never been to. For the frequent travellers, a business trip is a chance to explore a certain destination more. Excitement really sets in especially that you virtually don’t have to spend a dime for that travel.

On the other hand, a business travel can be a source of stress. It’s tiring enough to get on board a plane and endure a long flight. How much more if you are pressured at finishing an important presentation? The worst part is, in business travel, you don’t own your time fully. Your schedule is bombarded by meetings, client presentations, and even trainings and seminars.

So how do you make a business travel less stressful – and consequently more personal? Is it possible to still find time for personal leisure in a company-initiated trip? The answer is yes. Here are a few pointers:

1. Use a large wallet that can keep all your receipts, your passport, and your passport together.

In a business trip, you need to liquidate your expenses. As such, you need to keep your receipts as your Accounting Department would require a copy of those. To avoid having problems come liquidation time, make sure that you keep all your receipts together. Better yet, regularly list your expenses. This saves you time and stress once you get back to your office.

Keeping all these valuable documents in one place also keeps your head organized. You only have one wallet to worry about. So you don’t need to spend hours rummaging your bag for that single receipt. You can use this time to do the things that you want to do instead.

2. Avoid working during the flight.

If you are sent to another state to give a presentation, then finish your materials before getting on that plane. As much as possible, have everything ready before leaving the office. This way, you can spend time reading or catching up on your favorite movies during the entire flight. This also allows you to have some rest prior to that important meeting, conference or presentation.

3. Make use of free internet messaging services.

Now that you are in another place, all the more that you have to keep in touch with your colleagues and family. If you are travelling outside of the country, you would be spending tons of money for telephone bills alone because roaming charges are a lot higher. To avoid this, make use of internet-based telephony services. You can check out Yahoo Messenger or Skype for this purpose.

By using these services, you will not only be given the chance to talk to your colleagues for hours, but you’ll also be able to contact your family as well. So you can tell your wife or your girlfriend how your day was without necessarily worrying about the telephone charges.

Not all people are chosen to represent their company. Not all people are given the chance for a business travel. If you are one of the lucky and worthy ones, grab the opportunity. Make the most out of it. Don’t let office work and pressure keep you from enjoying your time in another place. Always find a way to have quality personal time during a business trip!

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