Cool iPod Apps

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Cool iPod Apps

If you are looking for some cool iPod apps, you have landed on the right page. Here you will find a list of some cool apps for iPod Touch. Apple’s electronic gadgets have taken the consumer electronics world by storm. What has popularized the Apple iPod Touch, Apple I Phone and Apple I Pad is the inbuilt facility to run a multitude of software applications. In this article I present a list of some cool iPod Apps that you must install on your iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch is the latest in a line of iPod devices, which is more than just a media player. It is a personal digital assistant with inbuilt wireless access technology, besides being a great media player. Its USP is the touch screen interface, which also enables the running of a multitude of cool iPod apps. Let us have a look at the top 10 iPod Touch apps in the next section.

Really Cool iPod Apps

If you want to know what are some cool iPod apps, visit the Apple online store and directly choose from a bunch of applications developed exclusively for iPod Touch. Here are the ones to look out for.

Shaman is an ingeniously cool iPod application, using which, you can easily identify any song being played around you. Just hold your iPod near the speaker and Shaman will identify the song and artist for you. It’s a handy little application for music lovers.

Pandora Radio
Pandora radio is your Internet radio which can deliver songs from your chosen genre, artist or band. Rated as one of the most cool iPod applications, it has followers worldwide.

Yelp can locate the closest happening places around you and also provide you with reviews and ratings. Find the best places in town, to eat, drink and hangout.

Urban spoon
This cool iPod application can locate the local restaurants and bar for you. It spoon feeds information about closest restaurants for you. Nice application to have, when you want to try out new restaurants or find one in a city, you are not familiar with.

e Bay Mobile
Buy, sell and bid on eBay, through your iPod Touch using the eBay Mobile application. It is a handy application to have for people who regularly visit eBay’s online auctions.

Face book

Stay connected on Face book through your iPod Touch 24×7, using this special application. Update status messages, chat and check out the latest wall postings of your friends.

Ever note
One of the most useful and cool apps for iPod Touch is Ever note. It is a clever little application that lets you save reminder notes, voice memos and photos on the go. The saved data can be accessed from your iPod Touch or from the Internet. It is an excellent application for working people and students.

Stanza is one of the cool iPod apps for free use, that has been developed by Recycle for book lovers. It is an e book reader application that is advertised as a complete wireless electronic library in itself. It lets you download and read more than 100,000 periodicals and books. Recycle provides an online catalog of books for ready reference through this application. You can modify the text font, line spacing, landscape and background while reading. It is a must have iPod Touch app for book lovers.

IM+: All in One Mobile Messenger
One of the most useful iPod Touch apps is IM+, which is an all-in-one mobile messenger, using which you can stay connected with your friends on various instant messaging clients. It is an all-in-one instant messaging solution which gives you simultaneous access to G talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MySpace, Face book, MSN live chat and AIM I Chat. Download and install this application as soon as possible to stay in touch with your friends anytime, anywhere.

Tap Defense
One of the most cool iPod apps for kids is the Tap Defense game. It is one of the best iPod Touch games. Tap defense is a strategy based iPod Touch game which has risen high in popularity charts. The objective is to build various types of towers to defend heaven from the advancing beasts of hell. The game has become so popular that there are devoted Tap Defense strategy blogs for the game. Check out this game developed by Tap Joy. There are many cool iPod game apps available on the Apple store for download.

After reading about these really cool iPod apps, I am sure you are dying to visit the Apple apps store. So waste no more time. Go ahead and help yourself to some of these cool applications.

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