cPanel Web Hosting : Advantages & Benefits


cPanel Web Hosting : Advantages & Benefits

Are you going to host a new website or planning to move your web hosting provider then remember to choose the one which offer you cPanel web hosting. CPanel is one of the most popular control panels for Linux web hosting accounts and today its usages are on boom which is making it more and more popular. It is enriched with a tons of features and benefits along with abilities of fantastico sort of website builder engines and good news is this that today most of the internet web hosting service provider today offer cPanel as a web hosting control panel with their Linux web hosting offers.

With cPanel you can create sub domains under your main domain name, email address over your domain name, setting up the cron jobs, viewing website statistics via awstats and webalizer sort of world face softwares etc. by just one single click thus in this manner cPanel give you an opportunity to discover such tons of features by just one click access to them all its really a great experience if you are a newbie to cPanel web hosting control panel and you will definitely not be even able to find any competitive control panel to this great one.

Using fantastico automatic script installer you can install such great cms like wordpress, joomla, meebo etc. with few clicks and it even reduce your time to spend with installation documents which varies software to software thus really a pain for newbie webmaster to fight with them thus in this manner fantastico over cPanel control panel helps you a ton with its great automatic installation environment which makes those installation things for such modules really so easy job to do in few clicks.

CPanel helps you with its best GUI presentation to create and manage MySQL databases along with your cPanel username as a prefix to the database name so that it cannot be mix with other people database on the same shared web hosting server own by other people too in cPanel one more great feature is this that at time of account setup your username is unique username as no more cPanel accounts can be created with same username if once its allotted to you.

SpamAssassin is one of another great feature of this control panel in the manner that it filters both incoming and outgoing emails with its sharp eyes to reduce the no. of spams ratio to influence your email account over your web hosting account today spams are general problem we all face on internet world and day by day its going to be increased only even after having many spam organizations to fight with such scams its really was in need to have SpamAssassin sort of tools which can help you on web hosting end too to fight with them thus in this manner SpamAssassin help you a tons to fight with spams not to reach your email box with its filers and features.

So next time you planning to host any new website or you are planning to change your current web hosting service provider I recommend to use anyone which give you cPanel control panel sort of great utility to work with.

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