Create Or Edit An AT&T Email Signature And Add Personal Touch To Email


Create Or Edit An AT&T Email Signature And Add Personal Touch To Email

Have you been using AT&T email service for sending and receiving work related emails? If yes then, adding your own personal email signature at the end of every mail could add more weight to your emails. If you add a personal signature to an email, then it gets labeled with your name. It becomes a property of yours and no one can deny or claim it. Adding an email signature is always beneficial to you, as it can give good impression on the receiver and he/she can develop a trust on you.

Thousands of people around the world use AT&T email service to send and receive emails. AT&T is a pretty trusted and favored email service. Hosted by Yahoo, it provides emailing services to users around the world. It is a web-based application and like most of the online email services it also lets users to create, send, and receive emails. It gives secure email accounts, Yahoo integration, unlimited email storage, convenient access to spam messages, and gives you access to AT&T Yahoo! Messenger, calendar, and address book. That is you can add calendar events, and get reminded about them, add-manage contacts in the address book and chat with friends for free.

Along with these, since it’s a web based email service, so you can access it from anywhere in the world, all it needs is a working browser with internet support. AT&T email is easy, reliable, and very handy. All these features together make it a pretty good option to choose.
However many of the AT&T email users don’t know how to create their emails signatures, even though the process is too easy.

In order to add an email signature to your AT&T Business email account, all you have to do is:
Sign into the account using the right credentials. Click on the “Mail Options” link (present at upper right corner) on the page and select “Mail Accounts”. Choose the desired mail account with which you want to add the signature, and click on “Edit”.

If your signature is already present, then it’ll be displayed in the text area. You can either directly start typing in it, or enter new signature by typing on the blank text area. When you are done, simply click on “Save”. There’s one more point that needs to be mentioned here, and that is: if you want that the created signature will automatically get attached to all emails you’ll send, then before clicking on Save button, click on “Add signature to all messages” box present at the bottom of the signature create/edit page.

That’s pretty much it. However if you still face some issues related creating/editing your AT&T email signature or any problem related to AT&T email service, then call for AT&T experts support.

The experts of SupportBuddy Tech Support are good sources to get help from. As they are the experts so they can understand and give you the best resolutions. They offer their help at any point of time, all that it requires is a simple call at their AT&T Email Support Phone Number.

The author is an experienced AT&T Tech Support specialist who works at SupportBuddy. The company is a leading name in this scenario known to offer reliable Support that can be availed anytime and any day with just one call at the AT&T Technical Support Number 1-888-753-5164 toll free.
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