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Let us suppose you have many online accounts like:

Instant messengers: Google Talk. Windows live messenger, AOL instant messenger, Yahoo messenger and ICQ

Email: Windows live Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail and Gmail

Social Networks: Face book, Myspace and Twitter

Let us see why Digsby messenger is a useful option in your everyday work life. At the beginning of the day you want to connect to all your instant messengers at the same time. You then go ahead and open every instant messenger client individually on your computer. The result is an almost instantaneous reduction in the available memory of your computer. You can actually see that your computer is slowing down and you almost hit rock bottom. IT would be simpler to use Pidgin or Trillian which are all in one instant messenger clients. By doing this you will save valuable memory space and have access to the various online contacts using one instant messenger client.

You still don’t think you need something new like Digsby messenger. Once you have logged into your instant messenger, you will want to check your emails. You will open one email account and check your messages. Reply to a few and delete spam and then you will go for the next account. You will finally complete looking into all 4 email accounts and then log into Gmail notifier and ePrompter so that you get to know when you have received a mail on all you email accounts. Needless to say you have also been chatting in the meanwhile. Without even realizing close to an hour of your productive time has already passed and you have not even started checking your social networking accounts yet. By the time you finish doing that another half an hour has passed.

What if you had access to a single account which would allow you to manage all this all-at-once? Digsby messenger allows you to manage instant messenger, email and social networks in a single user friendly application. It is a multiprotocol messenger client which allows you to chat on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ and jabber with a single easily managed friends list. IT is also a tool enabling email notification and allows you to delete and report spam with a single click. IT also works as social networking tool and alerts you if you receive new messages.

Digsby messenger works on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. With the help of this instant messenger tool you need not spend close to one and a half hour logging into and managing different online accounts. Within 10 minutes you will have the knowledge of what is happening on all your IM accounts and you will be able to keep a tab on the email accounts and social networking as well. Once you have set up this tool, all you need to do is enter the login details for various accounts and choose the auto login option. The next time you launch Digsby messenger it will log you into all your accounts.

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