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Download. From the iTunes app store: “Run Skype in the background with multitasking in iOS4. Receive Skype calls and IM while other apps are running or when your iPhone is locked. You can also continue your call while you switch to another application. Multitasking is available only with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.” Peter Parkes adds “We’ve also updated the app’s graphics to support iPhone 4’s Retina Display.”

Peter also announced a change in pricing policy: “We no longer have plans to charge a supplement to make calls over 3G.”

UPDATE: More details about the update from Skype. Release notes with improvements, known issues, and fixed issues are below the fold. Notable changes:

  • The only way to close Skype now is to delete it from the task bar.
  • Skype doesn’t turn off other audio for a call.
  • IM chat continues in the background.
  • Most graphics upgraded for iPhone 4 Retina Display.


  • For all supported devices:
    • Added iOS 4.0 support.
    • Added sound effects for incoming instant messages/authorizations requests.
    • Skype can now stay connected to mobile data connection even if there is a new WiFi network in range.
  • Only for devices with multitasking support:
    • Added multitasking support, so Skype can run in the background and you can remain available for incoming calls, IMs and authorization requests.
    • Added local notification support, so you can see if someone is calling/messaging you even if you are using another app. You can see also contact requests, missed calls and voicemails.
    • Added background calling support. Now you can continue talking in the background, even if you use another application. Red ‘Skype’ bar indicates that a live call is in the background.
    • Now you can receive incoming calls and IM’s over WiFi when the device is manually locked.
    • Added high definition graphics for the iPhone 4 Retina Display.
    • Implemented stacked local notifications, so all missed/new Skype events are shown in one alert.

Known issues:

  • When an incoming call notification is displayed, if the user taps ‘Cancel’ it doesn’t decline the call, it just closes the notification. The call will continue to ring until it is either forwarded, or goes to voicemail, or the caller hangs up.
  • There is no elegant way in iOS 4.0 to exit/close the app anymore. We advise that you set Skype to ‘Offline’ to reduce data traffic and battery while not using Skype. We are looking in other ways to implement this. Other ways to quit Skype include: Hold the application icon on the task bar. That should bring up the remove badge icon. Press it and the application process should be terminated; Hold down the Lock button until you get the power down slider, then hold down Home button.
  • A Skype call continues while you listening music using the iPod app.
  • Skype audio is mixed with other audio channels if there are any.
  • The red bar only indicates that audio is being recorded in the background. So e.g. a call on an iPod without microphone or a held call won’t be indicated when in the background.
  • Skype could hang on start-up, if the app was terminated manually from the task bar.
  • Dialpad ‘Call’ button could sometimes be slow, especially when there is heavy IM activity.
  • The keyboard may not displayed properly if you get an incoming call.
  • Sometimes, messages don’t appear as soon as you hit ‘Send’ button, especially if you have lots of conversations open. Going to the Chats list and back to the chat will solve this problem
  • Landscape mode sometimes won’t work after sign-out/sign-in.
  • The device system volume is sometimes changed after using Skype.
  • Some graphic elements are not fully optimized for Retina Display.
  • Missed call events in the local notification are not ordered correctly.
  • Empty Contact List graphic is not centred.
  • DTMF tones sometimes play erratically.
  • Skype may shut down and not be re-started when it’s sent to background and the network connection becomes unstable.

Fixed issues:

  • IM sounds are not played when in DND mode, when Notification Sounds setting is OFF or during live call.
  • Fixed the issue when the action button erroneously appears on the messages view when it was in landscape mode.
  • Improved UI behavior while logging-out.
  • Fixed the issue when Skype crashed because of the recursive audio on iPod Touch without microphone attached.
  • IM sound with overlapping ringing tone crashed Skype.
  • Buttons Call/Chat/SMS didn’t sometimes work on iPad.
  • iPhone Contacts: Skype crashed when calling a contact from the Address Book.
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