Emoticons And Smiley Gallery


Emoticons And Smiley Gallery

Iconbackup is a useful tool for many people who spend many hours chatting on software such as Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Windows messenger and Google talk. This tool allows users to back up their icons and emoticons. Iconbackup achieves this by creating a library which allows users to easily browse through it. www.iconbackup.com is the main site for the tool and gives instructions on how to download and configure the tool. Iconbackup offers more than simply backing up emoticons and smileys; it also allows users to upload their emoticons and smileys to other chat software such as yahoo and skype.

Iconbackup backs up emoticons and smileys but also restores them. Emoticons can be shared with many users and chat programs. Therefore you will be able to use them regardless of the internet chat software. Uploading emoticon libraries is a breeze thanks to iconbackup. By using the browsing feature users can be selective about the emoticons they decide to upload to the software. This is key feature in this software. Users will be receiving many more features than what they initially paid for. Backup messenger emoticon and saving msn smileys becomes a simple task thanks to iconbackup.com.

Windows live messenger is the main focus of iconbackup. This is due to the fact that MSN and windows messenger is the one of the most used chat software on the internet. There are many people using emoticons and smileys on this software. However MSN offers only few standard emoticons and these have been unaltered since release. Winks and other form of customized addons such as nudges can also be stored using iconbackup.

Therefore all your changes done to MSN and windows messenger can be stored in iconbackup. Crashes and corruptions are generally common with messengers. This is due to the fact that these programs are kept running throughout the day. Iconbackup is the ideal tool for your workplace and home PC. It is spyware and malware free therefore you do not have to worry about having your personal data stolen. Other benefits of iconbackup involve using the browsing gallery to share emoticons with friends and family.

There no longer a need to manually copy and paste emoticons to different folders so that you can have all your emoticons on different chat software, iconbackup can achieve the same result in a matter of seconds. By converting your emoticon folder into a library you can even attach emoticons to your email and text message via IPhone and android smart phones. The application of iconbackup is virtually limitless when combined with other devices.

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