Flex Your Multimedia Website Muscles

Flex Your Multimedia Website Muscles

World Wide Web or the internet has evolved itself as a virtual world within this physical world. Websites are the abodes of the immortals in this world and website developers are the builders of this world. Surely, web developer has an interesting task at hand and it is more interesting if you are a Flex web developer.

Flex web developer deal with multimedia that has brought the web and web pages to life. Flex has added graphics and designing to otherwise monotonous representation of user interface. It has become an integral, effective and the most interesting part of Web2.0. Amidst the galore of websites on the net, the one that integrates newest technologies remains distinctly ahead of others.
What’s flex?

Flex is one such tool that has been actually responsible to enable rich internet applications to develop. Flex was developed by Adobe Systems. Flex applications can be written using Adobe Flex builder based on Adobe Flash platform.

Initially, it was released in 2004 by Macro-media that was later acquired by Adobe in 2005. Flex is free and open source software that enables building highly interactive and communicative applications. These ubiquitous applications can be seen on all major browsers and operating systems. It also enables to develop rich internet applications based on more than hundred extensible user interface components.
Latest updates of Flex.

Its latest version Adobe Flex 3 SDK is very useful in creating rich internet applications. Flex web developers and designers can work in tandem with newly integrated Adobe Creative Suit. Its best feature is that the presentation of business data can be richly visualised and presented using Advanced Data grid. It has interactive debugging and allows deep linking for browser integration. It supports Java Script and Ajax wrappers.
A multimedia boon for Flex web developers

Flex and Flex based applications are turning out to be a boon for flex web developers because of its following features:

*Adobe Flex SDK can be downloaded for free to get complete Flex framework.
*Allows intelligent coding and step by step interactive debugging.
*Using Blaze DS, Java server integration features can be used for free.
*Graphical data display can be further enhanced with Elixir and Adobe AIR.
*It supports powerful coding tools, as well as syntax coloring, statement completion, code collapse, and more.
*Rich visual layouts with rich library of built in components.
*Enriched interactive data visualization is possible even with complex data.
*Allows designers and developers to update properties and visualize skin.
*Easy integration with Adobe Creative Suit.
*Flex-ible approach

Undoubtedly, with so many features incorporated, flex web developers are here to rule with multimedia enhancements. Already there are plenty of renowned business organizations and internet services that are using Flex for developing their sites.

Some notable users are:

*Yahoo! Maps – mapping and tracking on the web
*Yahoo! Messenger – messenger service on the web
*BBC Iplayer – desktop down loader service
*Sony Ericson – informative product catalog
*Pikeo – online photo sharing
*Warner Brothers – highly interactive platform with bulk download facility
*Ad Builder – feature rich Flex based Graphical User Interface
*Web Connect – highly collaborative web conferencing platform
*AV Recorder – user friendly audio / video recording service

The list is endless. Flex based applications have enriched users’ web browsing experience. Their latest version Flex 4.0 is scheduled to be launched this year. This version is sure to tech graphical user interface to a level up. It is likely to throw in more user friendly and interactive experience. Till then, we need to flex our imagination.

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