Free MSN Smileys & Animated Emoticons


Free MSN Smileys & Animated Emoticons

About MSN emoticons
In msn messenger, ‘msn emoticons’ refers to the little smiley face icons. Lots of msn messenger live users do talk about msn smileys. Msn messenger gives your some free emoticons but it also allows you to use your own custom msn emoticons. A lot of cool msn emoticons have been designed especially for msn messenger by fans. The custom msn emoticons feature allows you to use animated msn emoticons up to 50×50 pixels in size.

At My emoticons we’ve used lots of emotions to create our msn emoticons collection. We have romance msn emotions, girlie msn emotions, bad boys msn emotions and really moody msn emotions. These msn emoticons are not for everyone but they’re very funny. We wish Yahoo Messenger would let you use your own custom msn emoticons too. They would be called custom yahoo emoticons. Maybe they will soon? For now, if you use Yahoo you’ll have to use the yahoo emoticons that come with the yahoo messenger. Your custom msn emoticons will not work.

Smileys vs emoticons?
What’s the difference? The word ’emoticon’ is a combination of the words ’emotion’ and ‘icon’ and is exactly that – an icon used to express msn emotions. The ‘smiley’ or the ‘smiley face’ is a stylized representation of a smiling human face with the most simple smiley being a yellow circle with two small dots representing eyes. That’s the theory. In reality as we look around websites similar to ours we see the words used interchangeably to mean the same thing e.g. some say free emoticons, some say free smileys but they are talking about the same images.

It seems that Europeans tend to call them ’emoticons’ and Americans tend to refer to them as ‘smileys’ and when you get to Asia, it’s different again. Confused? We try to be consistent but do use ‘smiley’ to refer to a yellow smiley face. Messenger users often call them ‘msn smileys’ or ‘yahoo smileys’. There are heaps of sites that give away free smileys – Smiley Central smileys are the most popular. Pay attention, some people write the word ‘smileys’ as ‘smilies’. It means the same thing!

Download free emoticons
Yes you read it right. We’re all about free emoticons. There’s no catch when it comes to using our msn emotions. We don’t hide adware or spyware that gets unleashed when you download our free emoticons. We just wanted to have fun and share that fun with other people who want to express msn emotions. Let’s face it; we all sit at our desks for hours typing away on our computers. It can get boring especially if it’s work work work. Free emoticons liven it up. Sometimes we can’t stop laughing at the free emoticons that our friends send us.

You’d be amazed how often we receive msn emoticons just at the right moment when we’re looking for a distraction. Free emoticons are especially fun because there are so many msn emotions that the smiley character can express. We love to use Messenger to chat with other people – real time. It’s even more fun when you start exchanging msn emoticons and msn smileys. We need free emoticons so that chat can be fun and fast.

We think we know quite a lot about msn emotions, you could say we’re free emoticons connoisseurs! So we did the boring search job and critiqued all the free emoticons available on the web for you to download. Yes, it took some time. Anyway, it means that we can bring you a collection of the best free emoticons on the web. We have to say, we think Smiley Central have the best free emoticons. Go to our emoticon Critic pages and take a look at some very cool msn emotions.

Download emoticon and Smileys FREE right here at! There are many animated emoticons to choose from. Express your emoticon with our emoticon!
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