G1 Cell Phone From T-Mobile


G1 Cell Phone From T-Mobile

The T-Mobile G1 cell phone is called by many one of the best smartphones of 2008. The phone has been developed by HTC with features and specs like touch screen support, a fully qwerty keyboard, email, instant messaging, a 3.2 Megapixel camera and customizable screens.

Powered by Google, the G1 also features a one-touch option for Google search, incredibly easy access to Google apps, Google Talk, Google Calendar and YouTube. as well as real-time web browsing and a music player.

The cell phone uses the 3G network which is a third generation of mobile data transfer technologies that allows users to utilize state of the art technologies like wireless access, video calls and other broadband services with acceptable speeds that ensure a fluent data transmission.

The 3G technology that the T-Mobile G1 utilizes ensures that users experience minimal loading times even when accessing heavy-content sites and services.

A new multipane search option allows T-Mobile G1 users to search multiple websites at once and view them on the 3.2″ screen of the cell phone. Android Market is another top application which makes it easy to download new applications and games to the G1 cell phone directly from withing the cell phone’s interface.

Google has developed the Android operating system since 2007. It is solely build with open source technologies that all mobile companies and application developers can use to build applications and products using Open Source distribution and technology. The G1 got its name because it is the first commercial cell phone using the Google Android operating system build by HTC, T-Mobile and Google.

One of the latest additions of the T-Mobile G1 is a voice search feature that allows users to search the Internet without the need for typing. Updates are send to the G1 phone using over-the-air transmissions which means that they reach the phone automatically without the need for user action.

Android is also planning on releasing a “cupcake” update sometime in the near future, too, which will enable users to use a full qwerty keyboard via touch screen along with other applications that are not being revealed at this time.

Another application created by Google is called Latitude which allows users of the Android phone to share their location with people in their contact list. This is an interesting option for many users including parents who want to check on their children or friends who want to see where the friends are currently.

There are already talks about a T-Mobile G1 phone which is poised to come out later this year. The G1 on the other hand is an almost perfect phone that has plenty to offer to its users.

Timothy Perry Dokijug is a cell phone expert. He runs his own Google Android website where he writes about the latest g1 applications and other news about Google Android hardware.
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