Get reliable Yahoo mail support at SupportBuddy


Get reliable Yahoo mail support at SupportBuddy

Yahoo, the ace name in online world, has a presence of more than 15 years in the industry. Users trust this name for stability and performance and enhanced security. Mobile apps and improved phishing filter are other add-ons, making Yahoo proud. The Yahoo email service is a preferred service that presents many options and enhanced security to help you enjoy all this, but without spending any money.
Yahoo mail touts to be the oldest one in the lot and has never looked back since the day its service was first initiated, which is in October in the year 1997. Yahoo in order to keep pace with the changing demand keeps overhauling its mail interface every few years. The latest incarnation of Yahoo mail service was launched in May 2011, which managed to add significantly to the user count and popularity of this service on web.

Features which are just amazing
Signing up with Yahoo mail is very easy and even newbie’s can do it in a simple way. Having a Facebook or Google account is a plus feature, as Yahoo now offers compatibility with login on these services. It means you no more need to remember one more password, as your old passwords can work. Also, Yahoo mail is not just about email, but notes, calendar and more. The instant messenger is another loved feature, which acts as a notification for any incoming emails as well. The mail service with the IM can now get synced with games, news, shopping and more.
Then there’s the Yahoo mobile app, which helps in composing emails, sending updates and managing your account from your phone or tablet. Also, included are features like games, messenger, photos, ringtones, web and more. In addition, apps are not just restricted to a particular platform, but can be used by users of iOS, BlackBerry, Android and others.
Yahoo mail gives you the freedom to organize your mails and sort them according to filters, folders, secured, unsecured and more. Incoming emails can also be sorted out on the basis of date, subject, CC, body content and header. Creating a new email with Yahoo is pretty easy. It comes along integrated spelling and grammar, plain text editor and grammar checking tools as well. Also, to add that personal touch, there’s provision to include a personal signature on emails.

Security, which knows no flaws
Yahoo helps in doing a great job in keeping unwanted and spam emails away from your inbox. Suspicious emails are directly sent to spam folder, which can get automatically deleted where you can choose the time zone. You can choose from one week, two weeks or one month. Rarely genuine emails might land up in the spam folder, but that’s not something you see regularly. If this happens, then also you can choose to send it to your inbox by selecting Not Spam. So, it’s always a great idea to check your spam folder regularly, just to ensure no important email gets deleted.
With Yahoo email, even malwares can stay out of your computer due to its team up with Norton antivirus. It helps in scanning all incoming and outgoing emails for any threat. In case if any threat is detected, the antivirus cleans the messages to make these safe for browsing.

Yahoo support offering is impressive
The support section at Yahoo is comprehensive and is managed by professionals who are experienced, skilled and acknowledged. Experts at the Yahoo technical support desk believe in simply and quickly resolving all sorts of issues linked with Yahoo for users coming from all backgrounds.
There are many third party companies who have started offering dedicated support for Yahoo to keep experience simpler and worry-free for users. SupportBuddy is just one such firm, where experts present dedicated Yahoo mail support to users. Support here can be availed over phone, through email and via live chat as well. So, if in search of instant support, just make one call at the Yahoo mail technical support phone number, and you will get help, almost instantly.

The author is an experienced Yahoo email tech support specialist who works at SupportBuddy. The company is a leading name in this scenario known to offer reliable Support that can be availed anytime and any day with just one call at the Yahoo Tech Support Number 1 888 753 5164 toll free.

The author is an experienced Yahoo email tech support specialist who works at SupportBuddy. The company is a leading name in this scenario known to offer reliable Support that can be availed anytime and any day with just one call at the Yahoo Tech Support Number 1 888 753 5164 toll free.
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