Get To Know About the Company by the Name AOL

AOL Instant Messenger
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Get To Know About the Company by the Name AOL

AOL or America Online was the largest service provider till the early 90’s when there were not many competitors around. It had a large user base at that time, and even today it is considered as a premium email account service. Today, it has also become a free email service that is available to all.

The company was found in the year 1983, and since then has spread its service base all throughout the world. It offers a number of services today, including AOL Online Suite, which is by far its most popular feature. Then there are other services too, including gaming, which was among the very first services offered by this firm. Even today, there is a long list of games that AOL still offers to its customers.

At one point of time, AOL also had merged with Time Warner, but the merger was not successful, and so they once again parted ways after being together from the year 2000 until 2008-09. It was after this point of time that AOL, under new management started acquiring companies from different segments. In the year 2012, one of its entities, Huffington Post also earned its first Pulitzer Prize, the first to be won by an online news media company.

Earlier AOL email accounts were only accessible to members who used its services, and so were not free, but as of late, their email accounts have also become free-to-all. Their services are still not compromised, and so a person having an email account with them also gets access to a bundle of services being made by AOL for absolutely no charge. Competition perhaps also made AOL to take this step, and so far it has been a wise one.

The list of free services offered by AOL includes:

* AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
* AOL Local – To help its users find local information such as restaurants, local events & directory listings
* AOL News
* AOL Video, which also allows users to share their own videos.
* AOL My eAddress
* Xdrive (Not available anymore since 2009)

Today, AOL is a Digital Media company that offers email and chat services, is into content and marketing industry, and also invests in several consumer internet companies. AOL Support services are also a class apart and their representatives ensure that you never face difficulty with any of their list of products or services.

In case you need any additional information related to their services, or if you wish to avail technical support for any of them, you can always search the web where you would find a number of service providers offering their assistance in return for a nominal fee, with many offering an option to opt out too!

One thing is certain, if you try AOL, only then you can feel the distinctness that it makes with its services, and always leaves you asking for even more!

The author has been answering queries of several people who have faced problems with AOL Support as well as Hotmail Support services. He also has published a number of articles on different websites regarding the same. He believes that everyone needs to have knowledge about what they are dealing in and so shares his own experiences to help them overcome their situation(s) with ease.
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