Google Acquiring Rights Of Twitter – A Revolution in Online Business


Google Acquiring Rights Of Twitter – A Revolution in Online Business

Well, a large number of world’s population uses Twitter to connect with millions of people worldwide. Before delving further in to the topic, let us first talk about Twitter. Well, it is a free of charge social networking website that allows you to receive and send messages which are commonly referred as, tweets. According to a rumor, Google is planning to buy Twitter as soon as possible. Further in this article we are going to talk about this topic in detail. So, if you are looking for some relevant information regarding this rationale then you must read this article properly.

Google and Twitter are two different approaches altogether. They are completely different in a number of ways. However, if Google purchases the rights of Twitter then we might experience a whole new Google search engine. It is being discussed that Twitter is going to revolutionize the Google search engine completely. I must tell you that Google is losing its existence day by day when it comes to revolutionized online search. So, there is a serious need for a change in its working.

Now, let us talk about some of the important changes that can take place after Google and Twitter merger. Well, the Google search would certainly become much more refined after this merger. By searching for your favorite subject matter you will not only be able to generate blogs and articles, but also the reviews of millions of people using Twitter. You will simply be able to read the tweets and reviews of all the people who follow the subject matter on Twitter. This would certainly revolutionize the concept of online search.

If Google purchases Twitter then it is very much possible that you can read all the critical analysis and reviews of the journalists who have published their articles and blogs on the internet. You can take a deep look in to their subject matter and study. You can even go through anchor text for search and Meta tweets. It is also possible that in near future you might have to pay extra bit of money for following famous personalities. So, we can basically conclude that this prospect can be both advantageous and disadvantageous.

So, these are some of the related information regarding the prospect of Google purchasing Twitter. Make sure you read this article once. It could be of great help to you. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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