Google G1 A Great Phone From Google


Google G1 A Great Phone From Google

When purchasing a mobile phone it is important to make sure you purchase a phone suitable for your needs. At the end of the day it all depends on what kind of software/applications you would need to or like to have. The Google G1 phone is a great phone for anyone because it truly has a broad appeal.

The Google G1 offers a complete QWERTY keyboard. This makes text messaging, emailing, and surfing the web even easier than ever. Because mobile phones are made to be more compact so they can fit into pockets and bags finding a complete QWERTY that you can use is almost impossible. They all have their problems; keys are too small, keypad does not light up, or the letters and numbers are so small that you cannot read them clear enough. The Google G1 has this advantage.

The Google G1 has complete access to all of Google’s wonderful and useful applications. This is one of the benefits to purchasing a Google G1 phone. The applications are a great way to personalize ones phone. Many game junkies can load a phone with games, while music fans will be able to download music directly from the Amazon MP3 store. All these apps will have a convenient shortcut on the phones home screen for easy access.

The phone can use Wi-Fi and can also connect to the 3G network. For those who don’t know the 3G network is what allows phones to surf the web and download content at rapid speeds. Any phone that cant connect to 3G will be significantly slower than a phone that can. Anyone who shops a lot on eBay wont have to worry about placing bids on items using the Google G1.

The Google G1 also makes a great media player. You’ll be able to play all your MP3s and listen to them off the speaker phone, or watch videos on the screen. You’ll be able to even watch YouTube videos on the phone.

No phone would be complete without a camera. The Google G1 phone features a 3.2 megapixel lens. The camera doesn’t have any image control options such as white balance or any color presets resulting in a very bare bones picture taking experience. Originally the phone wasn’t able to record video but now it can thanks to a download-able upgrade.

The phones comes in three amazing colors; white, bronze, and black. This is another great way you can personalize the phone. Each color offers unique looks which are very stylish and popular.

Besides checking email the phone also makes a great messaging device. The Google G1 is able to sign on to many different instant messaging programs like AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and Windows Live. You’ll be able to keep in touch with all your friends.

With its wide list of features and capabilities the Google G1 phone is sure to please anyone who purchases it. With many multimedia and messaging applications it makes a great phone to stay in touch with friends as well as watching/listening to music and videos.

Article written by Christopher L. Grant. He writes about the features found on the Google G1 phone. For Unlocked Cell Phones visit they have the best prices on Unlocked Cell Phones on the web.
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