Google, Hotmail or Yahoo, Which One Is For You?


Google, Hotmail or Yahoo, Which One Is For You?

In the early 90’s, internet has become a basic medium of communication and everyone has started to think that now they can talk and express themselves freely. Now, they can avail the freedom of expression and can express their feelings and thoughts freely to the others. So for this purpose, they must have some source with which they can express themselves in front of others and for this purpose Microsoft launches Hotmail which was followed by Yahoo and Google as well.

After these three, the race is now open for everyone to come and participate in this field. But till yet, these three are racing to the top three ranks and everyone must be using at-least from one of these three service provider mailing service and enjoying his freedom of expressing himself. So, now the question is which service is the best one to use as an online technology.

If we have a look on Microsoft Hotmail then we come to know that hotmail is the e-mailing service that is being used all over the world due to its silent features and outstanding services. Now, they are providing the new extra features with the name of Windows Live. They are giving you space of 2MB for your mail box and you can send attachments up to 10MB which is very useful for the young and as well as for businessmen. Hotmail is used all over the world so you can easily have a chat with their related messenger through your hotmail id as well. But there is a problem with hotmail that it takes much time in loading the pages which is a negative point that goes against it; otherwise it’s just a perfect medium to use.

Now, if we see yahoo then it is also the best service to use as it is providing an unlimited email space so that you can store unlimited mails that can be of any size. Yahoo ads need quite less time to upload than the others and yahoo pages provide you the quickest speed as compared to other providers.

The uploading speed of pages is the plus point for yahoo and many people are using this service due to its speed and its outstanding features that are being provided by yahoo while chatting and searching as well. Similar case is with the Gmail that it is getting fame day by day due to its fast uploading speed and its attachment facility that is being recognized all over the world. Gmail is the new project and it is continuously progressing and due to its progress people are getting a bundle of benefits. Now its up-to you that with which service you want to go?

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