Google Massacre Scalp for ppc marketers


Google Massacre Scalp for ppc marketers

Hey, My name is chris and I have been an internet marketer since 2004, In this article I would like to talk about google massacre and the scalp system.

If you havent heard about google massacre then I am very surprised because there has been a lot of talk about it on the forums lately. This may be because a lot of the gurus are promoting it.

Andrew fox is the creator of google massacre, He has done very well for himself as an internet marketer and he comes out with some great products, The google massacre system is based on making money with ppc.

Part of the reason I have such respect for Andrew Fox is that everything he comes out with is of excellent quality, He out does himself every time he releases something new.

I found google massacre to be very well written and a pleasure to read. It is so well laid out that I can honestly say that I learned more from that ebook than I have ever learned from any other ebook I have purchased.

The great thing about google massacre which I am about to discuss now is that it is a fully pledged system, which is what we want. We want a plan that we can follow.

Andrew fox and Steve Lee have designed a fantastic plan called the scalp system.

I cant say too much obviously about the scalp system but its very well thought out. And it must have taken a long time to come up with.

The scalp system is 5 chapters long and each letter of scalp has a different chapter in the ebook.

The s section is an overview of a google adwords account

The c stands for conversions and calculations

The a represends adwords editor and other sections beginning with a.

The l stands for laser list

The p represents a section called pure perfection program

Now if your like me then you might think to yourself that the scalp system looks confusing, and silly, but after you read through it you will realise just how powerful it is as the system becomes crystal clear.

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