Google+: Redefining Hanging Out to Something Productive

Google+: Redefining Hanging Out to Something Productive

Social media sites are known for many things, both the good and the bad. Being counterproductive is part of its negative image. A social media marketing agency would definitely not agree, but it is in fact easy to get pulled by social sites and not notice that hours have flown by. Due to this reputation, there are even workplaces that ban the use of social networks at their offices.

Over the recent years however, every social media company has embarked on a quest to find a productive purpose for social platforms. Surprisingly, Google+, considered as the newcomer in the social networking sphere is proving to be the best in terms of this department, primarily because of the features it has that is not present in other social channels.

Specifically, Google+ Hangout, a video application that allows users to have a video chat with up to 10 people privately or broadcast something that anyone across the globe can see, is emerging as a potential business tool a social media marketing agency can use.

Have a Video Conference with Prospective Customers and Clients

This is especially beneficial for small or niche businesses that have a strong following despite their limited operations. Not everyone can have host an event to gather potential customers or not every company has the business development budget to fly its executives across the country or the world to sell its services/products.

With Google+ Hangout, a social media company can organize video conferences for businesses to have rich and meaningful interaction with its target market without necessarily organizing an event to do so. Logistics nightmares are eliminated. Executives can also set up meetings with potential clients without leaving their office conference rooms. Since everything is virtual, creativity is the key to success. Be innovative to make up for the lack of actually physical interaction. It has been done and it can be done.

Incentivize Your Customers with a Free Webinar

You and your partner social media marketing agency can organize a webinar for your most loyal customers and execute it as an exclusive offer. This can come in the form of free demonstration, video classes, an online interaction with your brand’s “celebrity” endorsers, a Q&A session with the executives of the company, etc. Again, your imagination is the limit so let your mind run free.

An Innovative Customer Service Tool

Customer support is primarily delivered over the phone or email and while these communication platforms have been effective, there are things that get lost in the way and sometimes. Every once in a while, customers would wish that they can talk to a support representative face-to-face. Well, guess what? With Google+ Hangout, you can ask a social media company to set up an account for you so you can provide video customer support for your customers.

Social networks are not evil. It’s how people use them that create the bad reputation. With the things stated above, Google+ Hangout has proven that social networks and related applications can actually help businesses be more productive.

Author is working as an Internet Marketing professional in a social media company in LA, Los Angeles. He likes to write informative articles on various topics related to Internet Marketing. Through this article, he wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire a social media company for their business.
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