Google Steps In to Make Android Application Developer’s Life Easier


Google Steps In to Make Android Application Developer’s Life Easier

Initially Google was interested in only Android OS developments and its updates, but when Apple had made significant changes in Xcode with 4.2 release Google has decided to think about its developer base and taken several steps to make life easier for the Android app developers. Recently Google I/O conference Google has announced series of steps to make sea changes it the Android application development field. Its main intention was to help Android programmers to speed up Android development process and improve the quality of output simultaneously.

In due course, it has focused on new tools and services. The first thing it has made is the IDE. Google has released a dedicated IDE for Android instead of Eclipse that is for multiple platforms. It has named that IDE, Android Studio. Here they have customized IDE to simplify the overall process of Android application programming including testing, deploying, etc. the biggest advantage of this Android Studio is that it will beautifully address the fragmentation issue at developer’s level.

When we talk about the fragmentation, Android app programmers have to deal with variety of screen sizes and different versions of Android OS. Now, in Android Studio, developers are free to render their apps in real time in all sizes of screens that Android is supporting. Another attractive feature of Android studio is to dealing with different languages of the globe so studio will translate languages straight from the developer console.

Google offers out-of-box services and Google maps is one of them that started very earlier. Now Android apps developers will use the features of Google maps directly in their Android apps with the help of Google maps API version 2 and also with improved rendering speed. Android location services is another sector that Google has addressed recently. Generally when a user uses location services in her app the devices shows lots of battery drains so Google has reduced it up to 1% per hour and also improve the performance of current location services.

Google knows the importance of location and location related services in Android apps programming so it has fused location provider to make rapid acquisition of location with accuracy and with low power location mode. Increase in geofences so user can access active 100 geofences per app. The same important service is cloud computing where Google is providing Google cloud messaging services which can throw push messages 200k per second and now Google has improved its latency period and reduced it half of that of original. Now cloud messages will synchronize notifications between Android devices ao user can use multiple devices at a shot.

As all Android app programmers know the importance of game category in the market so Android game development is the biggest development activity today. In order to boost this activity Google has offers services to save game play to the cloud and start playing among the multiple devices. In mobile gaming achievements are important parameter so Google has enable a leader board that work against the global rankings when you play with your friends in specific app so you have more fun and more interest in the game.

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