Google – Yahoo Merger Unimportant To Business’s With Expert Internet Marketers

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by Sach.S

Google – Yahoo Merger Unimportant To Business’s With Expert Internet Marketers

The online advertising world has been abuzz with talk of how a planned merger of sorts between Google and Yahoo might unfold, and when. A meeting in 2008 revealed that there were serious plans afoot for Yahoo to display Google search advertising results.

The Association of National Advertisers in America sent a letter to the Justice Department opposing Yahoo’s plan to give its search advertising over to Google, and many other parties in the USA have been crying ‘antitrust legislation’ for some time now.

However, internet consultancy services that increase search engine rankings for their clients by a variety of means, know that the deal will not have a large impact on a good internet marketing strategy. Here, we look at why all the fuss is about nothing.

Disregarding all of the legal language and hype, the deal between Google and Yahoo basically means that Yahoo will display Google paid advertising results on its search pages.

It is widely recognized that the deal will impact competition in the internet marketing arena, however the extent to which it will do this is not clear. The search functionality of Yahoo and Google will continue to compete, meaning that search engine optimization and good basic online marketing strategies and techniques like press release distribution, article marketing, link building and other search engine optimization services will still be applicable.

They cost nothing expect the services of a good internet consultancy service, and prices for these will certainly not be impacted by the deal.

Google Adwords campaigns are definitely part of a good online marketing strategy, and are usually employed by the top internet consultancy services. However, the cost per click is based on an auction format, where the value of a keyword is determined by the demand for it.

There are several strategies that will allow search engine optimization and increasing search engine rankings, but that should not impact greatly on a campaign budget.

Good web marketing strategies use tricks like focusing on low-volume, niche keywords, the importance of using negative keywords, bidding techniques and tricks, testing multiple versions of ads, and making sure you use web analysis tools to track your success.

Recently, in late 2008, the agreement between the two internet giants was scaled back, with the term being reduced from ten years to two. However, companies with a good internet consultancy service on their team will continue to enjoy web marketing strategy success, regardless.

Gregory Smyth is the CEO of Inetasia Solutions Limited . Gregory has taken the company to great heights with its various e-business solution products, which have become a backbone infrastructural tool that have powered websites for numerous high profile companies.
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