Home Staging Secrets – 5 Social Media Tools for Home Stagers to Tell Their Story

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Home Staging Secrets – 5 Social Media Tools for Home Stagers to Tell Their Story

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Home Staging produces remarkable results. Results that people love, love to see, love to examine – hence all the design shows on TV! For a stager, it is just as fun to do the work as it is to tell the story afterwards. And it is in telling that story online that will get the stager more business. Lots more business. The amazing thing about the internet today is that many of the best tools are free. Imagine that? You can not only market your services for free, but in some cases, turn that self-promotion into a revenue stream.

Here’s what you need:-

Blog, so you can explain and sellers can feel like they’re getting to know you
Photo Site, so sellers and realtors can see what you do (Remember to watermark your photos, and put the before and afters together, as a collage)
Google Places, so sellers (and realtors) can find you
Slide show because it’s the easiest way to get the story to video sites
Squidoo to leverage your efforts with backlinks, and a potential revenue stream while you sleep

Over my 8 years in the staging business, I watched these tools evolve, and have used premium versions (for a fee) and free whenever they existed. If I had to start over today, and could ONLY use the free sites, these are the media tools I would… because despite having no cost, they’re effective.

Blog: Posterous

You create content on Posterous and then, when you set it up this way, it will send out the same content to 27 sites. The point of that is so that you can get 27 backlinks to your anchor blog (or even just your profile page.) My anchor blog would be on Blogger, which I would totally pimp out with the fabulous free backgrounds, headers and buttons at ShabbyChic.

PhotoSite: Picasa

I have been using a premium site called Phanfare, which makes the photos look like art, and allows you to set them to music. I have also used RealEstateShows, because of their ability to focus the camera on one particular asset in a photo and because it’s just so darn easy to use. But it’s a premium site and today, I think I would start out with Picasa and Flickr. Picasa has terrific editing tools for your desktop and then lets your syndicate your albums online. (Remember to watermark all your photos) Picnik is also a good editing, effecting tool and has a really nice collage function in the free section.

Google Places

Putting your business on the map couldn’t be easier. Literally, you put a red marker on the map where your [home] office located and you have a page to talk about it. Profile Marketing at is best, you can add photos, links, the works. It’s truly remarkable what Google gives you for free.

Slide Shows and Video

It’s hard to compete today without video. If you’re like me, the last thing you’re comfortable with is being on camera right now…and with a staging video, frankly that’s the last thing a seller wants to see! Thank the Lord! They want to see the work. The quickest, easiest way to video is with a before and after slide show and you talk about as the photos go by, on a service like Jing. The second best way is to use your camera to take room scans and then stitch them together, which you can also do on Jing. These videos can then syndicated far and wide, though of course, the best place to put them is on YouTube.

Lastly, Squidoo

Squidoo is a funny site that lets you take a tiny topic, or even a keyword phrase, and completely surround it with photos, videos, books for sale, accessories, etc. It is extremely easy to set up and when you sell items from the page (or lens as they call each page, which by the way can be as long as you like) you share in the profit. You can set up a lens per project and sell “the look”, you can set up a lens on the geographic areas you serve and promote your listings/projects by zip code, you can group your photos by room… the possibilities are endless. And with each lens you get a backlink to your anchor blog and to your profile page at Google Places.

And now I’d like to invite you free instant access to my Seasonal Selling Tips for Home Sellers, scroll down to the form on the right hand side and add in which season you’re looking for.

From Juliet Johnson, author, speaker and leading authority on home staging luxury real estate and marketing with social media.

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