How Long Can You Continue With Dating Online?


How Long Can You Continue With Dating Online?

Does online dating last? This question is tricky. Either a yes or no answer will invite arguments from both sides. It is completely subjective. But for the purposes of discussion we need to put the question in a proper perspective.

Online dating means that two people have the potential to agree on a romantic commitment by merely meeting on dating sites prior to dating physically.

Other lovers settle themselves by constantly corresponding through electronic mails, yahoo messenger, g-talk, msn, skype, etc.

Does online dating last? This question can be interpreted as how long does a person can keep on connecting with his or her virtual friend online.

There are only two kinds of people who are constantly online:
1. One is because of work
2. The other is for fun. Fun may include surfing the web for passive information, chatting and playing games.

Virtual dating is fortunately a hobby for most. What is unfortunate though is when they use online dating as their mere past time and play along with the vulnerable feelings of other people. If a person is wise enough, it is not safe to rely on virtual dating alone if they really want to get into a serious relationship. Technology also has its own limitations and cannot be totally reliable.

In contrast, virtual dating may serve as a springboard to understand different kinds of people. It also has its own advantages to some extent. A person may have the chance to see the other side of the world. Just as there are people who are fibs, there are also who are sincere and kind.

Dating online will never guarantee a good and lasting relationship if couples get fixated with their virtual relationship. This is for sure. Most likely they are operating on virtual feelings only. With an exception that they will bring their relationship online to a higher level, virtual dating will remain intangible. If the intention is just to have a constant friend online, then nobody will go against it. But to make it seriously last, again it will never work.

Relationships are vital!

You need to spend time with the person and deeply bond with them to keep the ball rolling. It is, however, a different story if a person already established a good relationship at a personal level and is only taking advantage of online communications and other activities to maintain a lasting connection.

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