How to Export and Import Hotmail Contacts

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How to Export and Import Hotmail Contacts

Hotmail is the most important service provider of email service nowadays. It is one of the most excellent email services that you can find today. It offers more rapidly processing and more storage space along with many other features. The company was started in 1996 and was soon attaining by Microsoft. Microsoft has provided many useful additional services to hotmail. It’s absolutely free email service that is why it has become more popular and gets more affection from users. Here we will show you the steps for importing and exporting hotmail contacts.

Import and export feature is very helpful while using social networking sites and creating any website. It provides the advantage of easily importing contacts from MSN Messenger into website. This is facility is being provided by many social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and many other sites.

Hotmail account can be accessed by outlook express, windows live mail and outlook. Using Outlook Express, you can export your emails from Hotmail for using in your sites. Hotmail subscription is important for exporting process but if you don’t have this facility then you can export your Windows Live Hotmail contacts to a CSV file, so that by email programs and services people should be able to import their email address.

Follow these tips for Exporting Contacts and Email Addresses from Windows Live Hotmail:-

* Go to Windows Live Hotmail toolbaar.
* Select Options
* Go to more options
* Now follow the Export contacts link below customize your contacts.
* Finally click Export contacts.

For Importing Contacts and Email Addresses from Hotmail into Outlook Express, follow below steps:-
First of all you need to set up access to your Hotmail account in Outlook Express. Remember, if you previously have connections in your Outlook book or the existing identity and wish to import only Hotmail contacts, and then create a new Outlook Express identity for the Hotmail account.

* Select Tools
* In outlook express go to address book.
* Now select tools
* Coordinate from the address book.
* You must be careful and be sure that you do not share contacts between Outlook Express and Outlook.
* Now Restart Outlook Express if you have made any changes to the contact sharing settings.

If you want to import the contacts to an email program except Outlook Express, then you can export the existing address book and utilize email client’s import element to add the contacts from the .csv file.

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