How to Improve Search Engine Ranking After Hummingbird

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by Sach.S

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking After Hummingbird

Are you facing a sales setback after hummingbird? This is high time that you understand what Google is trying to figure out and put all your efforts for bringing in targeted traffic to your website. Read on this article to know how to improve search engine ranking abiding by the Hummingbird update.

What is Hummingbird?

This is the latest algorithm update by Google Inc that makes a big difference in search habits. Previously, Google used to search websites, blogs and other digital content to match the keywords and key phrases entered by users in Google search box. Gone are those days when keyword matching was the primary search result delivery practice. By the time Hummingbird emerged the scene, more important and weight age has been started put on context of the content in which the keywords and key phrases appear. Keeping this in mind, you have to plan your online marketing strategy and improve search ranking.

Here’s how to start planning a new strategy-

Step #1. Choose an Ever-green Plan-

What are ever-green plans? Marketing plans that aims to cater humans are ever-green. Google welcomes it. Users are prioritized first, not search engine crawlers. In this context, keyword density and the theme in which you use your keywords are of paramount important. Themes matter more than keyword stuffing. Google prefers contextual content more.

Step #2. Trash Old Habits of Link Building-

Link building is absolutely a big no now. It, as an SEO practice is going to efface from the face of the digital marketing world. However, links on your website or mobile site for easier navigation is still one of the best practices.

Step #3. Engage Users-

In order to improve search engine ranking, Google emphasizes on popularity. How to build popularity? Use social Media and video sharing channels. Engage users by offer them what they are looking for. Every day offer them something new. Offer them value, they will follow you.

Step #4. Don’t Use Keywords In A Crazy Way-

At times, keywords are stuffed thinking that they would help in ranking. They have an impact on the search results for sure. However, they must be used in a smarter way as need after the Hummingbird update.

Step #5. Choose a Niche and Stay Thematically Focused-

Make sure that you offer expert solutions to your readers. Decide your niche and stay focused on building on it in order to keep readers engaged.

The Bottom Line-

After Hummingbird, you must tune up with the updated rules and regulations to improve search engine ranking. We recommend that you must talk to an expert in order to plan your online marketing strategies and over your sales setback due to ranking dipping down.

Now you know what is Hummingbird. It’s smarter than Panda and Penguin, right? Quality of the content matters most to improve Google search engine ranking. This is why understand hummingbird and developing a new strategy for online marketing and advertisement is essential. If you need more help, contact an expert today.
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