How to install Windows Live Essential tools on windows 7?


How to install Windows Live Essential tools on windows 7?

Windows Live Essential as the name suggests is a bundle of essential software designed for Windows 7. Window Live essential contain set of software’s which are developed for a user to help in browsing , messaging , sharing photos docs, dealing with mails, blogging and sharing data through online/offline storage. Windows live essential contain tools like Messenger, Photo gallery, Toolbar, Writer, Family Safety, Microsoft Office Outlook, Silver Light, Movie maker. Although large numbers of third party applications are available for serving the same purpose but in my opinion you must use Windows Live Essential tools. These tools are very reliable, easy to use and are available free of cost on Microsoft support website. In this article I will let you know the procedure by following which you can install Windows Live Essential on your Windows 7 computer.
For installing Windows Live Essential you must have administrator privileges or know Administrator password. You must have enough space on your hard drive to install this software on your computer. If you don’t have then you have to create free space by eliminating unusual stuff from your computer.
How to install windows live Essentials tools:
* Click on the Start Button and select Getting Started form the list of options.
* Then you will be redirected to the Microsoft Support website, select the latest version of windows live Essentials tools and Download it.
* After the completion of downloading process make a double click on the file wlsetup-web to trigger installation of Window Live Essential tools. Then UAC will prompt a message in the dialog box having text “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer”. Enter the password in the text box to allow the following program to make the changes in your computer and click on the YES button.
* Then a new window will appear on your screen which contains the list of Windows live essential tools available for your computer setup. You can select tools according to your need or choice by filling the checkbox.
* Most of the people preferred Windows messenger, photo gallery, Silverlight, Windows Movie maker etc. Select your choices and wait for the completion of downloading process.
* After the completion of downloading a new pop up will appear containing some options like: To set MSN as your homepage, to set the current search engine as your default search provider, For Help to improve the search results, For Help to improve the Windows Live. You can make a specific change by filling the checkbox in front of the option and deselect it by leaving the textbox empty. It’s your choice if you want to apply or discard the changes.
Thus by following the above mentioned procedure you can easily install Window Live Essential tools. If you have any problem regarding the procedure then you can contact 1-855-352-1816 for help. If you have any computer problem then you can resolve them by using computer maintenance tools offered by some of the well renowned companies.

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