How To Make Money Online For Free With Google’s Help And Why I Love Google

How To Make Money Online For Free With Google’s Help And Why I Love Google

Google AdWords – the fastest way to drive traffic to your website. Unfortunately, it is paid advertising, the competition is very tight, and you may lose money as beginner. I am using it no more, since there are so much free advertising opportunities from Google.

AdSense – you allow Google to install ads related to your content on your website, and you are paid when someone clicks on these ads. A lot of people are making a living from AdSense, and it’s free. All you need is traffic to your website.

Analytics – allows you to track for free the number of visitors to your website and their provenience. All you have to do is to insert a java script code in your web page and it’s free.

Webmaster Tools – gives you the possibility to register all your websites in Google and to track your back links, among many other features.

Bookmarks – allows you to bookmark any web page you like to share with other people with common interests.

Profile – you can show to the whole world who are you and to put all your websites, blogs, lenses, hub pages on your profile page.

Blogger – you may open an account for free and you may set up as many blogs you want on whatever theme you want. Of course, you are not allowed to blatantly advertise a product, but you can always link to your sales page in your blog posts. You can also install and AdSense ads in your Blogger blogs and to increase your revenue.

Of course, there are more features, like Gmail, Notebook, Reader, Video, Friend Connect, Orkut, Web History, Docs, iGoogle, Picassa Web Albums, Talk, but I am not going to insist on all of them. You may check them all in your account.

The one which I find very useful and I want to tell you about is Google Sites. With a very friendly user platform, does not require HTML skills, just point and click, allows you to choose whatever theme you want and create your own websites for free. Of course, you must respect Google’s guidelines, no blatant advertising, no pornography, but these rules are all over the place, in EzineArticles, in Squidoo, in HubPages, and I find them very good. However, as all over the place, you may add a link to your own website, and that’s the only thing you need.

Actually, Google Sites is not a new feature, although not many people are using it. What’s new is that now you can add AdSense ads on your Google sites. Here you have the greatest advantage, although there is a multitude of benefits in a Google site, like one solid back link to your own website, the possibility of promoting your website for free, the fact that you can notice Google instantly when you are launching a new website and all the exposure you can get from Google itself.

Charles McLean is the COO of BidBilly, a website that focuses on selling liquidated & distressed retail goods thru the online auction. For more info please goto:
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