How To Make Money Online Using Social Media To Promote My Business

How To Make Money Online Using Social Media To Promote My Business

Really, the question is about a sort of the social connections wholesale service, because every community member can have all his social site memberships at the same service. This is the key point both for the user and to the website owner.

This new Google Friend Connect service looks promising, because so many websites have a need to take part to several related communities online. This service changes this action into self service, which is a great news for a lonely online business owner with limited number of working hours and will lift his social media marketing to the next level.

1. Google Friend Connect Service Handles All The Social Sites From One Point.

When a website visitor uses secure authorization API, it is possible for him to contact his friends from all major social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google Talk, hi5, orkut, Plaxo and from many others.

And every website visitor can invite, see and discuss with totally new friends. So this service offers a small business owner, who has a website, a place, where websurfers can meet. Now, it is very important that these surfers stay on his site and do not surf to some social site to chat and disappear. In this way the conversion rate will increase.

It is clear that if the visitor will leave the site in order to contact his friends, in most cases he will follow a new lead and disappear. This is a direct loss for the business.

From the visitor point of view, it is easier to visit several social media sites from one point, chat with people, but to stay all the time at the same point. People are tired to login again and again to new sites. This service keeps their communities under control and helps them to manage their thoughts.

2. New Service Will Multiply The Number Of Social Contacts.

The cross contacts between different social sites lift the number of social contacts, that is clear.
However, it is important that all the contacts are related.

It is also a fact that people, who are interesting have interesting friends. And interesting people are opinion leaders, who have the power over many other people. This must be important for the social media marketing results.

Google Friend Connect does not require any programming skills. The site owner just copies a short code to his site and the service is ready to work. The look of the service is of high quality presenting the faces of the members, which makes it very fascinating and new people want to join.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. How To Make Money Online? A Profitable Answer Can Be Through Social Media Marketing And With Google Friend Connect. Visit: How To Make Money Online
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