How to set up Hotmail on the iPhone

How to set up Hotmail on the iPhone

Hotmail is known as MSN Hotmail and Windows Live mail and it is very popular among email users. Hotmail is being controlled by Microsoft as a free web-based email service and is also one of the first services. It supports all accepted internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The Hotmail has enough storage space which can be extended as necessary. It also has security measures, Ajax technology and combination with Windows Live Messenger, contacts and spaces calendar. You can also navigate from side to side with its page shortcuts by keyboard without using mouse. The newest aspect added is POP3 access for all Hotmail email accounts. This has made it simple to get e-mail from your other accounts into your Hotmail support inbox.

If you are Hotmail email user, then it will be great news for you that you can now use your Hotmail account on your iPhone. Microsoft enabled Exchange ActiveSync support and it allows Hotmail to drive and sync hotmail email and contacts to your iPhone. You can now add your Hotmail email accounts to your iPhone to watch the emails on both services. It is extremely helpful for people who wish to contact Hotmail email account from their iPhone to send and receive messages. This facility will offer you with simple access to both inboxes directly from the Mail application.

It has an element of auto update of the contact address while composing, and then there is contact group, importing and exporting of contacts as CSV files. When you mail then you can also use features like rich text formatting, rich text name, spam filtering and virus scanning, numerous addresses feature, and option for diverse languages. Here are the easy steps to setup Hotmail email support your iPhone:

* First of all start Settings
* Go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”
* Then select “Add Account”
* Now select “Microsoft Exchange”
* Here you need to enter your Hotmail email address into both the Email and Username fields
* You should leave domain empty
* Enter your password
* Enter “Hotmail” in Description
* Now go to “Next”
* You have to enter the server, enter”” for the Server name then go to “Next”
* The iPhone will now confirm that your Hotmail Support information is entered accurately, on the next screen you should enable Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.

Hotmail is the unique web mail, so it has millions of users using hotmail accounts.

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